Eastside..and mess up???

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  1. i fished the eastside yesterday and hooked into some nice fish. i got out to the first hole and reaslized i forgot my camera. anyway i kept a hen i caught and i cured the eggs with ATLAS cure and i followed the directions but the eggs barely smell like eggs..r they still worth fishing??
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    I’ve used Atlas Shake-N-Cure before (don’t really care for it to much) and if you followed the directions they should be fine. Only way to find out is to try them next time out. It might also be a good idea to have some back up eggs just in case. Next time you get some fresh eggs try curing only half and keep the other half uncured in the skein. IMHO the uncured will out fish the cured.

    Here’s a home cure that has worked for me in the past


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    Ohhhhhh. Angie the Fishing Goddess makes me weak in the knees........