Eastfork washed out this weekend.

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  1. Went saturday am. Lake was up 6' or so. Not hardly a bite. Went this morning. Lake was down to normal level. Caught baitfish. Both days we were in by 6am and out by 1pm. I think we tried everything in the box and then some. Just not hitting. I think the carp are spawning.
  2. what and where were you fishing at and for what?

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    My dad & I went to efl sunday morn. caught about 30 crappie between us. Got there about 6:30am fished until 11:00 am. It was slow until about 8:00 then we started catching them off laydowns. They were scattered, one here one there. Talked to a couple of guys bassing. Said they caught a few early then they shut down. water was up about 4 to 6 feet on sunday. water was stained. We fished near the dam. Anyway always fun fishing with dad...:)