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  1. I heard a rumor they were going to take out the small dam of the eastfork LMR right in Batavia....does anyone else have any info on this? I fish this river quite often because I live so close to it. Also, has anyone else been fishing this river lately? What have your catches been like? Any insight will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. I have fished it twice in the last 2 weeks and done real well, a variety of fish you name it i caught it,.

  3. I've usually fished downstream of the dam. Alot of people say it's good fishing at the dam, I guess I should try it sometime. The closest I've gotten is under the bridge that's close to it.
  4. Yeah, at the dam in Batavia real good fishing, got to wait until the water comes up a little though and with no rain recently it has not been up for quite a while. I know if they take that dam out it will impact a lot of people who fish it. I also fish near that same bridge there right in town.....mainly for monster carp....there are so many different kind of fish in there, it's always fun to see what's on the end of your line, usually you can tell by the fight though if you have been doing it a while. Happy fishing.
    ps, anyone else hear anything about the dam being taken out in Batavia?
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    Hey Buff, Check out the Ohio Division of Water web site, (I got through from the ODNR stite) Follow the links to Dams and then you will see low head dam studies and all sorts of stuff, I did not have time to scan it but you can probably find it......... S
  6. SEVENX, Thanks sir, you know I search for everything else on the internet, you think I would have used my head a little more....Oh well, I like asking people on here because this site rocks! Thanks again. BTW SEVENX, I am going to try to check out your shop sometime soon. Didn't know you were there until I started visiting this site again. C-ya.