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  1. My buddy and I took my canoe out. We ended up with 65 fish. Here is the break down 50 smallies, 13 rock bass, and 2 largemouth. Most of the smallies were between 7-12 inches. I did land a few in the 15 inch range. I am glad we did really good because my buddy doesn't get to fish much any more since they had his baby. I want to try and get out again this week. Ronnie
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    Congrats on a good outing. How long were you out and what time of day?

  3. We fished for six hours. We fished almost seven miles. Ronnie
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    Nice job, I hit the ef yesterday tried a couple of new spots that I had not fished yet. Caught a few dink smallies and decided to call it a day. While driving home I pulled off to take a look at another spot that has some nice long sand flats to see if any carp were working the flats. As I approached the water from a high ridge I imeadiatly saw long smoke trails drifting slowly down through the pool. My heart began to pump faster as I followed the trails up to find several large carp steadily mudding up stream. I ran back to the car and got geared up again and returned to my perch atop the bank. I settled in and began to plan my approach as I tied on a little brown fly that was just shown to me by a buddy (cant remember the name but a real simple little flie and very easy to tie). I watched these fish each working a different section slowly up stream they would then pick up and drift back and start over again. I was about 30 ft up and could see very clearly what they were up to. Now I was all set. Began to go around to an area that was easy access below the hill but this meant that I would end up in plain view of the fish with the sun at my back. I got down on all fours and crawled through the high grass and rocks untill I was it the safety of the high wall. I then crept into position over the fish working the back of the flat. I made my first cast and managed to drop the fly with out spooking the fish. My angle was wrong and my drift slipped by unoticed. Next cast I made the corrections and got a perfect drift into the fish, she moved asside not taking the fly. As I watched her slip into the deeper water I saw a quick flash and felt a little tick. I lifted the rod and felt the pull of a fish I had not seen just off of the sand flat. After a quick down stream run she was loose. By now my heart is racing and I am shaking all the while laughing at my good fortune to have found these fish laying with in casting range and the thrill of the hunt was on. I then slid up river about 20' to a huge fish tailing casualy along the top of the flat. I would put this fish in the 15 to 20 lb class, a huge, beautiful olive-brown, copper and gold monster. I set up in some tall weeds about 20' down and away from the fish. My first cast lands about ten feet above the fish and drifts perfectlly to the fish, man I was on my game and in the zone. The fish moves and I wait for the bite, but it does not come and the fish, as they so often do, moves quietly off of the flat for the safe haven of deeper water. Ok at this point my mind is numb with excitement and the adrenelan is pushing me to my limits of self control. I decide that I need to drop from my heavier 3x tippet to a 5x. after rerigging I plot my next move. I find another fish about 50 feet further upstream lazily crusing the flat. I begin to work my cast up and as I shoot some line ready to place the fly on the next cast I here the thwap! of my fly hitting a blade of grass or a leaf and the cast falls clumsilly onto the water spooking the fish and pushing me over the edge. Almost driven to tears I begin to retrieve my line and stop dead as I see a nice 5 plus fish crusing only ten feet in front of me along the rocky shore line. This is about 10" of water my fly laying only a few feet in front of her. I stop cold as she passes just down stream of me, I move only enough to twitch the fly, she takes notice and moves on it in text book fashion. I lift the rod and feel her for a moment the gone, but wait she is there after all and the fight is on. She screams out into the pool stripping line from 6wt with the ease of a frieght train. I tighten up a bit on the drag to slow her remembering that I had just added some 5x tippet (approx 4lb test). After many long runs nearing the backing of my 105' fly line she begins to tire. I now have her wipped and begin to gain back my line and bring her to the flat so I can land her. It is at this point that I realize she is tail hooked. Bummer. I must have missed her pick up and then got the tail as she passed.
    She was 5-6lbs and had great coloring. She was marked up and spawned out by all appearences. The fish looked very healthy otherwise. She slowly swam back to the comfort of deeper water.
    I deciced to check on one more fish before I left. I found her upstream right on the bank with her tail flooping in the sun. Just as I made my approach I here from above me "hey you catching any" It scared the living crap out of me not realizing how focused I was. Any anger at this interuption dissapated as soon as I saw behind me a grandmother with her 3 or 4 year old grandson who were just out for a walk. The fish by the way did spook so I called it a day. I have beaten the skunk off my back had a great time stalking those carp. It reminded me of day spent crawling around the banks of the South Platte in search of monster trout. I even managed a bit of a sunburn. I will hopefully be on that flat bright and early tomorrow morning with a renewed confidence and a pair of knee pads, man crawling around on rocks hurts my old knees. S
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    Sorry didn't mean to highjack, Glad to here you guys had a great day, S
  6. That's cool, the wife and I are going out tommorrow. I think we might float the same strech of river. I will post my results. Ronnie
  7. Way to go Crocodile!!! That is putting a whooping on 'em!! Sevenx...you should write professionally, that story kept me on edge and had a great ending, very nice writing skills. Thanks for an enjoyable post!
  8. WOW WHAT AN AWESOME DAY! WOULD LOVE TO CATCH 65 FISH NEXT TIME I WENT......If I may ask, what were you using for bait mostly? Again, AWESOME DAY OUT!
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    Thanks Katmandu, My friends all give me a hard time because I get to detailed in my stories. "did you catch it or not" is usually what shuts me up;).
    Ronnie I am hoping to hit the water at first light and get in a couple of hours before family time. Depending when and where you guys are I may see you out there, Have a great day. I will the guy with the fly rod and the silly grin. S
  10. We were using orange and char rooster tails and rebel craws. Sevenx PM me to let me know where you are going. We will be the ones in the Northeast outfitters canoe. Ronnie
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    May have a change of plans but I will shoot a pm over when we get it straight. Might be floating now we will be in cataraft so I will send a pm later. s