East side Report 11-18

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  1. Got a call from Vkutsch late last night. We looked at the forecast and decided to give it a go. Our first stop didn't even produce a hit. I didn't like the looks of the water. It was lower than what I'm used to. We then went further east and got into them for about 2 hours. We ended up getting around 12 or 13 in that time frame. All the fish came on jig and maggots in the deeper parts of the hole. Didn't get a single hit on curred salmon eggs from Erie Outfitters. Fish seemed kind of sluggish, and most have been in the river for a bit. Here's a couple of pictures. Vkutsch has a few more on his camera.

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

  3. Nice kipe on that male! Dark one too!

    Good looking fish.
  4. MuskieJim

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    Joel, sorry I missed you man! I did meet your buddy Vkutsch a few holes down. We had a great day, double digits, lots of spunky cherry bucks. I popped this 8 pounder right at my feet:

  5. Hey Jim, wish I had more time. Victor said he ran into you. I had to get back to work. Looks like you guys didn't have a bad day either. I wish we could have stayed longer. Nice looking fish by the way.
  6. vkutsch

    vkutsch You scratched my anchor!

    Good day to be out- the drive was a little dicey at 5 am, but turned out to be well worth it. The fish were all dark, real colorful. The takes were odd, like they were nibbling on the jig for a while, like a sunfish.
    Nice to meet you, Jim.
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    I'm free this weekend, someone take me steelhead fishing....we should be closing on the house next week, so I should be free to finally get out again!!!

    Joel, Victor, Cory...anyone!?!?

    I have to be a weekend warrior, but those pics are awesome, and it's time to shake off the steelie skunk!
  8. zachtrouter

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    Nice work guys!!! Gotta love those dark males what a beautiful fish!
  9. fishinbula

    fishinbula Its going under

    Nice fish guys wish I could take off during the week to get out but I have to wake for the weekend. Joel I shot you a pm.
  10. Very nice fish guy's. We tried the conny last night but didn't get a hookup. Water was still muddy.
  11. WOW! You guys have some snow on the ground! - I had no idea it was like that....
    Gives me the itch real bad!