East Reservoir

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  1. Just wondering, when fishing Portage Lakes area, I spend most of my time in Turkeyfoot. How is the fishing in East Reservoir? And are there ramps on that side? Or do you always have to go through the little chanel that connects from Upper Turkey Foot?

  2. I've never fished the larger bodies of water. I've only fished PL a few times. I'm curious to see what replies are posted on this topic. I'm always fishing the channels and coves. I like fishing over by The Upper Deck bar. Never caught anything to brag about but always lots of action there.

    I did find a good batch of blue gills back in Mud Lake before.

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    Fishing is pretty good all over Portage Lakes. East Reservoir can be one of the best. There are some deeper water areas that can be sweet. No ramps on East, and you do have to go through the iron channel to get there.
  4. Do you usually fish near shorelines on the larger lakes or out in open water?