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Just returned from East Harbor State Park. Thanks to everyone for the info supplied in earlier thread about East Harbor.

Went to Rickard's Bait shop (the one just outside East Harbor SP) and asked about bait and several different places to fish from bank or pier. At their suggestion, went down to Catawba Island State Park boat ramp (less than 10 minutes away). Fished with shiners and nightcrawlers.

First day caught 1 white bass and 1 finger-sized sheephead at end of the pier off the right side in 1-1/2 hours. Second day with grandson we got 6 white bass and 1 keeper largemouth on left side of pier facing the boat ramp. Everyone else was catching mini-bluegills hardly big enough to use for cut bait. Third day went alone and got 12 white bass (same place as day before) - sometimes catching 2 at a time with shiners on worm harnesses. Ran out of time and shiners or I would have stayed for more. White bass weren't huge, but bigger than the yellow perch the people were bringing in from the charters.

We also tried the causeway at East Harbor after supper one night with night crawlers and shiners - one bite, spotted a couple fish near sundown break water about 50 yards out, but nothing else happening.

Also found a nice little bait shack near Catawba SP - "Jeannette's". Nothing big or fancy, but cheaper bait, buckets of loose sinkers in variety of weights and styles, and hand-made lures and worm harnesses. So cheap I stocked up for the rest of the year and probably next year. Ice and cheap water and sodas. Also very friendly. It pays to support the little guy.

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