East Fork Saturday Oct 4th

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  1. Hey all, just wanted to give a report on how I did this past Saturday. I have been cattin a lot this year and have not done too much bassin lately, so I thought I would hit some spots at Eastfork. I don't have a boat....I was in about 3 feet of water myself throwing out some little spinners and white grubs. I was pulling up the white bass and a few hybrids in that mix. I lost count after about 40 fish. They were one right after the other...not a lot of size but still fun to catch one on almost every cast. Would have been some good bait for those cats. I am sure someone with a boat probably did better if they were out that day. Couple of guys doing pretty well there that were fishing from a boat. Most of fish were caught in 3-6 feet of water. Did not feel bad to wade in but will be colder soon I am sure once we get some more chilly nights. Pray for some rain too. Anyway thanks for readin my post all.
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    Sweet! Those whiteys are fun! TC1

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    Nick, what time of day were you out?
  4. Boar's Head Crappie Tournament Championship was held over two days (Saturday 10/3 and Sunday 10/4). Winning weight was 11.4 lbs for 14 total fish. Water temps ranged from high 60's in the morning to lower 70's during the day. The crappie fall bite is about to get really hot. Should be excellent in a week or two. Fish are moving up.
  5. Got out there at about 1pm. Usually I hit this area in the morning but it seems like it didn't matter that day considering it wasn't real hot. Hope they are hitting the same today as I might try a little later on. Thanks again.