East Fork or Ceasar Creek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishdealer04, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. I am thinking of taking my boat out on Saturday. Just wondering if anyone has been doing any good at either of the lakes, any ice?

    I know they were drawing EF down a lot, are any of the ramps even open?
  2. I saw someone pulling a ski boat into E.F this morning,I thought they are a lil nuts.I live across street from ramp,I'll check in the morning for you..

  3. Thanks I would appreciate that. Supposed to be 47 on Saturday so maybe some nice fishing weather.
  4. The dam ramp, bantam and the campgrounds are all open. Be careful out there, lots of shallow stumps in places you would never believe. Water color looked pretty good today, I was at the park but not fishing. Good luck if you go.

    I may go out Saturday as well.
  5. have an open seat? not too early......
  6. Erie- I got 2 other guys in my boat otherwise I would gladly let you ride along. Glad to see that the ramps are open. That answered my questions.
  7. fishdealer,Main boat ramp looks good.Still have one floating dock in.Water looks good,not clear,Little stain to it.Water is sitting at winter pool.Good luck,Might see me casting in morning for wipers..
  8. Carpn


    How clear does the lake get in the winter? Every time I've been there its always been after a big rain and the lake has been dirty..Does it ever get really clear?
  9. gets clear every so often.thats why I only fish it when I'm bored.
  10. That is the dirtiest body of water I've ever put my boat in, period. I fished 20 lakes from the Mississippi on over to EF last year and nothing was even close to EF. It took me no less than half an hour to scrub that scum off both times I went there last year...
  11. fishdealer look at www.crappie.com under Fish Ohio it's under state forums for good detel on the 2 lakes... east fork is on fire! good luck