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  1. Looks like I will be over that way in June so I am getting a head start. LOL Where is the best place to stay for guys coming over with boats? Is there any mom and pop type motels or cabins etc. near the ramp? What can one expect Bass Fishing wise for that time of year?? Thanks!
  2. do you know what side of the lake your going to be on? or what town your going to be in?

  3. Eastfork Lake is a very deep lake. However, right now the water level is very low due to the lack of rain. Bass fishing in June is usually really good (Relative to an Ohio lake). I have done very well on crankbaits on long rock walls in the morning and sometimes in the evening. One of your best bets would likley be a jig. There are tons of standing trees in that lakes so you'll have to decided how to approach that. All platics work in there, Obviously; however, most of the bigger fish my partner and I have caught have been on a jig.

    Hope this helps
  4. I have lived across street from E.F for 19 years..I hate that lake.You be better off going somewhere else.Please don't get me wrong,It was a good lake to fish at one time.....Ask my neighbors...My .00002.
  5. Not a clue on what side. Is there one ramp that is the main ramp and bigger than say the rest? With it being a deep lake is there much off shore type structure fishing (Drop Shot & Carolina Rig) type fishing?
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    i have also have lived close to east fork for years and it is not as bad as fshn said it is. however i do agree that it used to be alot better. i am not suprised that the fishing isnt as good as it used to be because of all the people that now live in the area. it is still a good crappie lake and the bass fishing is just ok. i have had some luck with some cats too! it is a beautiful lake and a great place to go. there are quite a few boat ramps all around the lake. the actual name of the lake is William H Harsha Lake. this website might be helpful http://www.lrl.usace.army.mil/whl/. good luck:)
  7. you could camp at the state park. Pm me and i'll give you my number I have a nice small camper that I might be willing to rent to ya. how many are coming it will sleep 3 to 4.. just an idea...
  8. Found a Mptel 6 off of 275 @ rt 125 for like $46 a night. Is your camper there seasonal or do you have to drag it there? Guess the point is if I would have to pay the $25 night for the lot than get you some $$ as well than a Hotel for 50-60 night would probaly be better. Let me know!
  9. East Fork is a great fishing lake. I live close to the motel you are talking about. It fishes great for crappie, bass, cats, and hybrids. We will have to see what the muskies end up going. This was the first stocking in the fall. Ronnie
  10. So than is that hotel good to go than for staying there and having room for the boats etc.? So is there any off shore structure than or not? Thanks!
  11. Word of waning about m 6 and the other hotel right accross 125 from it,They are where the crackheads like to hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for E F good luck that can be prime pleasure boating time :(
  12. 2,160 acres of water......june........hundreds of boaters......

    hotels...off ..275 and st rt 32 exit best bet..truck.. right about motel 6.

    fish the creeks along Ohio River,you'll have more fun..
  13. Perfcetion these guys are nuts ! east fork is a great lake with very good fishing.

    these 4 are near the lake

    Ameristay Inn 513-735-4678
    best western 513-528-7702
    comfort Inn 513-947-0100
    red roof Inn 513-528-2741

    4 starter there are 6 more near the lake
    you may try www.visitclermontohio.com
  14. If you are up there and fishing a tournament on East Fork for bass. Send me a pm and I can point you in the direction of some good spots to fish.
  15. Hipsher says that East Fork is good, but as Yates is a witness Caesar's Creek is better. For the proof check out ww.ryanhipsherbassfishing.net
  16. for any local info you can contact me for questions or comments about any lake in southwest ohio. I will help you out as much as I can. #937-405-9032
  17. I will keep all the info and make contacts when time comes near. Thanks to all!

    John T