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  1. Went to East fork today, Lake was clearer than last weekend and down about two feet from last weekend, filet 6 crappie today , lost 2 , no size but who could complain about catching fish in december. I didn't take my boat out, just hiked a trail by the beach and dunked minnows about 11-17 ft around lay downs. Friend of mine has been doing well in the channel between 12-15 ft, catching 20+ slabs. Hope you find this helpful, think i'll try stonelick tomorrow, sounds like the cold is finally coming.
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    East Fork yesterday and today. Fishing was tough both days. We caught fish but had to work hard for them. Nothing big, most fish we caught came off of laydowns on the main lake.


  3. Did well on Saturday, 9-11" blacks, in Poplar area. Fish were on standing timber, water was murky, water temp about 38, cloudy, hit about anything, but would take a minnow sloooowwwww.
  4. Gentleman, this is my first ever posting as I just discovered this site. My brother and I just started fishing East Fork from a boat I bought. My only experience with crappie is with minnow and slip bobber in the shallower areas, anyone have any advice for a more advanced gameplan? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Minnow and slip float deep works too. Right now, try 9-12'. Later, go deeper, right on the bottom, up to 25'. Could be suspended in the water column next to structure. East Fork is a deep lake, and fish will suspend in the structure.
  6. what exactly do you guys mean by "laydowns"
  7. trees that have fallen into the water...
  8. "Laydowns" are fallen trees laying in the water.