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  1. Paul


    Anyone familiar with East Branch? I was just wondering if this lake was worth fishing any more. Also, I heard that the water level is really down again this year. Can you even get a boat in the water any more?
  2. Look for a couple posts over the last couple days. I hear the level is back but a few have fished it with not much action.

  3. My brother and I traveled all the way up there and all we caught/snagged were shad, shad and more shad. I'm talking a k-zillion of them...huge clouds of them.
    All a fish has to do is open it's mouth and swim to eat at that lake.
    Never again, that's a for sure. :(
  4. TClark- Please tell me you didn't drive from Wheeling,WV for East Branch? OMG!

    Don't waste your time or gas.... Its good if your a bird watcher.
    There's another forum on here with a few more details.... that lake has become a cormorant/goose lake.
  5. The water levels are back up, i have never seen any shad at eastbranch till this year, same thing with punderson too. So far east branch has not been doing to well catch wise.
  6. With as low as they drained it, it had to have affected the fish populations. Give it 5 years and it will be booming. Not that you can't catch them now, but alot of times something like that will make for outstanding fishing in a few years.
  7. Fishing at Eastbranch has been going down hill the past few years. The bass have been smaller, Crappies fewer and smaller as well. All of our old spots seemed empty. Haven't seen a pike or musky in a couple years. I hate to blame the twinkies or other hardcore harvesters but something was going on and I think last years drawdown may have been the final straw. I'll probably give it a try or two for old times sake but I am not too hopeful.
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    ive seen it lower than last years drawdown, its been drawn wayyyy down for years, like that. ive never seen shad at east branch or pundy.....! they can only be brought in by careless anglers that are clueless.. i still get some decent bass at east branch when i go once in a while, nuthin over 16" but get 5-10 a day when i go... immigrants and amish need to get a clue though..read your regulations and abide by them if you want any kind of a sustained fishery..lord knows the dnr cant do nuthin about it anymore...no money, no enforcement...it s up to us to keep it in check.. blacks,whites, russians, mexicans, and amish...!
  9. Shad I was just at punderson for the derby and i could see them rolling in by the docks there were also a few dead ones on there last leg or fin
  10. East Branch will never recover if the City of Akron doesn't stop draining it down to nothing!! last year I cought probably 30 crappie in 2 trips, biggest one was probably 8" MAYBE. Nonone cares about that lake- Do you think the Geauga Park district cares how many fish there are over 10"??
    There could still be some decent channel cats in there- and they are trying to survive on the minimal bait fish left.... I cought my largest cat out of that lake around 1995- 30"long- 15 lbs.- those were the days.....
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    Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I am going to stay away and probably hit Ladue. Hopefully, they haven't ruined Ladue yet.

    Had alot of great memories fishing East Branch with my father, uncles, cousins and friends. We probably started fishing there in the late 70's/early 80's and it was great. Pretty sad how they let it go.