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East Branch

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by -[iRb]-Rob, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Anyone fish East Branch? Is it electric only? Any bass? Heavily fished lake?

  2. Have't spent a whole lot of time there but the pressure does't seem to be heavy. I think it's only around a 400 acres and it is elec only. I have't bassed it but I'm sure they are in there although I believe Mog., Nimi, or Due would be your best bets for bass. I believe it's the only res stocked with pike.

  3. It is electric only. North side of lake is pretty weedy. The lake has an overabundance of small white perch. I have never fished it, only drove by & all info I have is what I've read.
  4. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I grew up fishing East Branch. Like stated earlier, it's elec only, and weedy as hell. Loaded with crappie and has some decent bass if you know how to fish it. Even grabbed a northern off the ramp one year throwing a daredevil after I put the boat on the trailer.

    They used to allow camping too, but I think they closed the campgrounds and beach years ago. Nice quiet lake, and I would imagine VERY little pressure these days.
  5. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    416 acres. I have not fished it yet this year. Fished it right about this time of year for the past three years. Last year I caught several Fish Ohio crappies on mariboo jigs with maggots, north of launch on the west shore. Nice dropoffs on the west shore from the launch to the first large bay or fork. The lake is full of small white perch, small craps, and small gills. Some guys claim there are big gills to be caught if you know where. Most fishermen are there for the bass, I think. A few years ago a buddy and I saw the skeleton of a huge northern pike in there. It is a very peaceful lake, unless the ranger is out running the gas boat, chasing folks off the banks or doing whatever. Bank fishing is allowed only in designated areas. There are maybe half a dozen fishing docks. I think you can also fish alongside Rt 322 at the northern end of the lake. The lake is patrolled by Geauga county (Parks and Recreation?), it used to be Akron. I was safety checked a couple times last year and the year before at the launch.
  6. Good ol Eastbranch.It is now called Headwaters.Very low on the fishing pressure.More people need to go there in order to get the funding needed to keep it open.That`s why they safety check as much as they do.There still trying to prove the fundings
    to keep it going are needed.People from miles around have stories of all they or someone else have caught back when it was Eastbranch. They probably are true.Over the past few years I`ve spent quite a bit of time out there and talking to the rangers.
    There`s plenty of fish out there. Three foot Pike,10 plus lb. catfish,over 8 lb. bass.15 inch crappie,perch,white bass,carp you name it.I`ve seen that and more.It`s very hot or cold in the biteing department though.It`s worth your wild to make it there if ya can.
  7. Fished it yesterday, for about 9 hours. Me and my brother caught a ton of dinks, but none>14inches.

    Saw about a 4.5 pounder lying dead on the bottom. :(

    Curious: I read that the water level there really fluctuates...does the lake 'shink' alot in by the end of summer, say compared to Ladoo?
  8. Paul


    Beautiful lake and I ditto everyone else's remarks. As someone said, it can be very bitey. You can catch 40 nice sized crappie in a couple of hours or you can get skunked. White crappies are a pain. Many good sized bass still around. Pike naturally reproduce here which is pretty cool. Huge carp.
  9. hows the lake doing on fishing now.where? and on what?
  10. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    I got to East Branch kinda late yesterday evening, about 6:15 pm. I trolled Bitsy Minnows up the shoreline from the boat launch north to the big bay. I caught prolly 15 really small crappie and a size 13 (measured next to my Red Ball boot) largemouth. Took my new Vexilar ice fishing flasher and discovered it works pretty well through my fiberglass hull. I just set the transducer on the floor of the boat over the keel where it makes good contact. I was the only boat on the lake. White perch were piddling all over the surface of the lake, but weren't hitting the lures. Water level is normal.