Earthquake anyone???

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  1. It woke me up and I was at work! Seriuosly, I was at the computer when it started swaying back and forth. The lights were shaking. Dust was falling from the lights. It's the strongest quake I've ever experienced...
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    i slept right through it

    dident get up till 620


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    I was laying in bed around 6:30ish and thought I felt something wierd.
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    I just heard about this on the radio. It was centered in Illinois and considered a strong one for the mid west.

    I never felt a thing (central Ohio).
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    dang, I didn't feel anything either.

    I'm wondering how strong it really was this far east (columbus) ?
  6. I was in bed - it woke me up and my son came in my room and asked "why is the house shaking?" kind of crazy, but not worth the 2 hour coverage on the news here in people really need to get a life!
  7. i got a phone call at around 4:30 and was half asleep still on the phone around 5 or so i believe and i just thought i was getting dizzy lol no real serious shaking or anything...
  8. I didn't feel anything, but after being told about it, I was quick to do some research. This thing originated out of a fault line located where Tenn., Ill., and Ky. meet. The last time it went full force it made the Mississippi River run backwards for three days and church bells ring in Boston, and by all accounts of scientists it is nearing its cycle time.
  9. That is probably the New Madrid fault in southern Illinois. Same one that shifted the mighty Mississippi. If it goes big time again it will drop buildings as far away as Chicago.
  10. I am hoping it hits big at my house and spews oil into the sky and I can go live the life of a Clampett.:D:D

    I didn't feel anything at my place either. I didn't hear the exact time but I think it was before I was awake. It may take a 9.0 to get my attention when I am sleeping though.:p
  11. This is the same thing that is said to have created Reelfoot Lake??? wonder what (if any) effect it had there?
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    The strong quakes of 1811 and 1812 did indeed create Reelfoot and the Oxbow on the Mississippi...the ground actually shook for months after each quake. Both were close to 8 on the ricter scale...the one the other day was centered on the Ill-Indiana border. Back in the summer of 1980, I felt the one that was centered in Kentucky. It was really weird feeling that move up the old spine and hearing the rattling of knick knacks on the shelf.....The fault @ New Madrid is in fact a very dangerous one, not like the one in California (San Adreas) but an acient one that once it gives, will totally destroy much of the mid west. The one in the west is caused by plates of the earth rubbing, where the one in the midwest is not. THE CATKING !!!
  13. i was asleep, didn't feel it. my cat has been acting weird all day.
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    My house usually doesn't start shaking till after the kids are in bed...
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    woke my wife up, she said the bed was shaking. I of course, slept right through it.
    She thought it was our 6 year old, who sometimes comes in to get us (or get in bed). She woke up, felt the bed shaking very lightly, turned over and he wasn't there, so she went back to sleep and didn't think anything of it until later on this morning when she was watching the news.