early mosquito bass?

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  1. looking to hit mosquito for some bass this sunday, just looking for some early season tips to help get me started out there.
  2. well i dont know about mosquito bass but i do know that in cold water i would fish a bit deeper maybe in the 10-12 ft range and there HAS to be some sort of cover. The main thing is patience. i would fish ur favorite lure as slow as possible and do not get frustrated because its very hard to catch bass this time of year and the fish are lethargic, meaning they wont move very far to attack a lure so finesse fishing the 10-12ft range might work:) good luck, i will most likely be on pymy sunday

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    Are you going after Bass on sunday. I think that is exactly what I will be doing. Where are you going? I will probably go out of Padanarum and head south. Let me kow if you are going this will be my first time out on Pym this year.