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  1. I'm planning on doing some bass fishing this up-coming weekend on a pond that has just thawn out. I was wondering what you all thought would be the best type of lure. Let me know, thanks
  2. I would try jignpig techniques. Anything you throw work very slow. spinners worked slow, soft plastics worked slow across the bottom.


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    I Was Just Out At A Small Pond The Other Day, It Was Pretty Muddy From Run-off, So I Tried A Single Colorado Blade, But To No Avail, Tried Throwing A Green Pumpkin 4" Tube, Jig, And A Rattle-trap, Nothing, Finally Tied On A Sweet Beaver With A Rattle In It, Second Cast Caught A 2.5 Lb. Bass, Figured That Was A Good Note To Leave On. This Time Of Year The Small Ponds Are Either On Or Off. They Are Affected Pretty Easily By Cold Fronts Right Now.
  4. This early in the season i would suggest using plastic worm worked slow across the bottom. I fished 2 weekends ago and this past weekend and did very good this past weekend. I caught all of the bass on powerbait..... Red Shad being the best color and some fish caught on blue fleck, and motor oil. good luck fishing!:B
  5. I've been bass fishing twice already but have caught nothing yet. I've worked mostly spinners slow plus some white and chartreuse jigs as well as small swimbaits. I was going to try 4" worm along the bottom but my feet where too cold to change my rig. I also tried for crappie at hinkley last weekend but did it quick so I used salted shad instead of real minnows which I'm sure was a problem tried jigging as well nothing. For me things haven't taken off yet.
  6. I love this place.;) Only hard core fishermen would understand that statement.
    Thanks yeti.:) This weekend the fish are going to mug ya!
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    Hey if it were me I might try something I could cover water with quickly first. Especially a pond. A small body of water can heat up quickly and you might find some active fish. If that dosen't work then I would go to fishing something slower.
  8. I did real well last week with a Blakemore Roadrunner- chartreuese and white. 4 nice bass and a couple of decent crappie in a local pond. The key was to fish slow....painfully slow:D . Good luck!
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    Jig/pig will get it done
  10. Thank you, i really appreciate the help. Hopefully ill be able to post some pictures from your advice:):B
  11. welcome aboard dustin..we got some fishin to do this weekend!..