Earl road in Massillon........

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  1. Anybody have a Phone number or correct name for that pay pond over off of Earl Rd in Massillon??

    I've got a buddy that wants to take his son fishing - and i mentioned that place........course I don't have the phone number!!
  2. Hey Scott,
    I am pretty sure it's just called Earl Lake. They might not even have a published phone number. You just go and throw some money in the little box on the garage and let it rip. There are some nice bass in there.

  3. It's actually called Earl Lake Park. It used to cost $5.00 per person, but I haven't fished there in years. We used to catch alot of bass there. Also alot of big catfish.
  4. Haven't fished there in years but have seen several six pound
    largemouths caught. Also some huge crappie...
    Not sure now either but it used to be five bucks...
    Back when Frank owned it it cost two bucks a day
    and that included swimming in the pool......

    Put money in the box and fish..
    Let us all know if you do any good.
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    I live in Canton and occassionally take 4-5 kids fishing at the same time. This place would be ideal, since I live in Canton. Help me out here people...;)
  6. I don't know the address but I can help you out with directions. Get on 30 or somehow get to 21 going north towards massillon. Take the Lake Ave. Exit to the left and go to the dead end by the lumber yard. Hang a right and follow the road around and it will be on your left a little ways up. I am going to try and post a map for you but it is going to be a long shot.

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    Webman 27...looks to be a good map. Thanks.
  8. My pleasure buddy, if you go good luck! I am actually thinking about stopping by this weekend if I can't catch a ride on a boat. That and if Lake O' Springs isn't open. I could really use a nice day sitting on a boat, it's been a really long roller coaster of a week.
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    How large is this lake? Are small boats permitted or is it a shore lake only. I have two boats. The smaller one,(12 ft) I generally use at Walborn or Nimisilla with my electric motor.
  10. Lake O Springs is closed until October.
  11. Snake - I don't think you can take your own boats here, I think it's fish from the bank only........or they might rent boats. Not sure...........
  12. Thanks DG, so much for that plan. I had heard that originally but then I heard they were staying open on weekends later in the season then they originally planned so I didn't know.

    I don't think that they will let you put in boats. You can just about cast to everywhere from the shore. Last time I was there they had a couple boats flipped over on shore but I don't know if you can take them out or not.