eagles around brilliant ohio

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by big_fish, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I was on my wayto work yesterday and saw 2 eagles soaring over the ash ponds at the lower end of AEP in brilliant what an awsome site last year I saw one just north of martinsferry it is really nice to have them around:)
  2. ...Strange for you to bring that up...Last week I went up to my storege shed ...While up there looked up and saw one soaring around...down low must have been looking for something to eat...I was 1/4 to 1/2 mile from Lake Rockwell..so must have been from there...bassmastermjb see's them all the time he lives right on Lake Rockwell.......C.L.....
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  3. I saw an eagle in the copley/akron area a few weeks ago. Nice to see one so close to home.
  4. Have seen a pair of immature eagles flying around Meander Reservior they were attempting to snag a diving duck out of a flock sitting on the lake. Funny to watch as the duck would dive every time the eagle got close.

    Couple years back, while driving, I had a full colored mature one soaring low over one of the side roads around Meander,, they are awesome !
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    My son and I were smallmouth fishing on Rocky River in early fall when we saw one fly right over us. Man was it huge.
  6. big_fish

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    I guess they have to be 3 or 4 before they get the white coloration in them they are very impressive to see
  7. Big Fish, I have seen them around Martins Ferry before too. I was fishing down by the mill in Ferry and one was flying down river. I have also seen a pair by Rayland last year. There is also that huge osprey nest at the top of the power lines just north of Rayland. I have only seen the eagles a few times and my dad wants to see them so bad. Years ago he said they would come back to the area but he has yet to see them in person.

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    Take your dad down to Pike Island Dam. Get there just at daylight and watch down river. Almost every morning at least one fly's upriver past the dam....
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    I have 2 nests within a mile from me and a new one coming!
    They are cool!