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Eagle vs Lowrance

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fisherman261, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. I have been looking at new Fishfinders and have come to a bump in the road. Lowrance has a finder with the same (or less) features as an Eagle, but yet the Lowrance costs over $150 more. :confused: If I remember right both brands are headed by the same company, and the finders look very similar on the outside. So I guess I'm asking if the Lowrance is worth the extra $$ or am I just paying for a name? Thanks

    By the way I'm comparing the Lowrance X135 and the Eagle SeaFinder 480DF.

  2. Don't know alot about the particular models you are looking at but I had an Eagle FishElite 480 and now have a Lowrance LMS480. I'll throw my 2 pennies in to give you what I notice the difference to be. First difference that strikes you is the screen. Both units have the same resolution (480x480), but the eagle has a yellow/orange cast to it where the lowrance is black/white. I think the Eagle screen was made a little easier to read in bright sunlight with the color, but the lowrance will work just as well with some tweaking of the screen contrast and brightness. Also the Lowrance has a night mode where the screen is done in something like a reverse grayscale to make it easier to look at without getting your pupils too dialated making it hard to see in the dark. Second thing I noticed was the cables. The eagle used a rubber plug in type fitting for the cables. This is pretty simplistic and should be pretty trouble free with no moving parts. The lowrance uses a twist nut to lock the 3 cables in place. One cable is Power, One GPS and the other is the transducer. I can't remember the number of cables the Eagle had, but for some reason I'm thinking two; Power/transducer and GPS. I had a lowrance plug come apart on me already and not thinking I tried fixing it on the water and cooked the GPS puck. The Lowrance GPS has WAAS positioning corrections while thew Eagle does not. This WAAS functionality means the GPS puck is powered and my mistake sent 12V down the wrong pin. That was a $250.00 mistake. The Lowrance had a problem where the sonar portion of the unit would "lock up" a couple times an outing, but I installed a software patch from the Lowrance site and seems to have fixed it on my last outing. The Lowrance also has a "flasher" feature for seeing raw sonar returns, kinda like a Vexilar. I also didn't care for the feel of the buttons on the Eagle unit, especially the power button. You had to push it a very certain way and duration for the unit to power up. Also the unit would shut it self off on me from time to time and I would have to pull the power cable off the unit and get the power button just right for it to come back on. Last outing with the eagle this happended, except it never would turn on again. I didn't have the Eagle long enough before it went south on me to get too much more of an impression. I personally feel despite a few problems the Lowrance unit is of a higher quality than the Eagle, but many have said they love their Eagle units as well. I loved mine too, while it worked. I may have simply got a bad unit from the factory and the problems I had with it may not be indicitive of Eagle quality versus Lowrance. If I had to do it over again, I'd likely do a Lowrance again, but I'd do two seperate dedicated sonar and gps units nstead of a combo. Just my 2cents.


  3. Thanks for your input blance. The unit I'm looking at is only a sonar, no gps in it. I have an older Lowrance now, it's an X-85 and for some reason from time to time the unit goes dead. The depth will flash on 0 and it won't show any bottom. Sometimes moving the cables works but other times it doesn't. I can't tell if it is the actual unit or the transducer. I have two transducers and one works better than the other, but still blanks out at times. Just not sure what to do. :confused:

  4. Garmin Is Better...problems I Had Are Too Long To Write......
  5. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Nothing beats the Eagle 480 for the price. I believe it is around 199.00. My buddy has one and it is very functional. They just came out this winter/spring. The Lowrances are a little nicer of course, since they are the luxury line, but not 150$ better (at least not the comparible models). Get the Eagle for 200 bucks, you won't be disapointed.
  6. DavidWS10

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    I've got an Eagle 320, and when I bought it, I ran it side-by-side with the Eagle 480 and could not see any discernable (sp) differences. Nor could the electronics guy at BPS. The physical units are the exact same size, and the screen's viewing area looked to be the exact same size. Now compared with the Lowrance LMS480: WOW!!! What a difference! However, the BOSS (my wife) wouldn't let me get the LMS480 because she said it didn't make sense to have a fish finder in my boat that cost over half what my boat cost.