EAGLE FISHMARK 640C,Anyone use this?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mossboss, May 29, 2007.

  1. Moss, I have the Eagle Fish Elite 640, same as yours but with GPS. I love it. The sonar works excellent. I was on Erie yesterday and I could actually tell they were walleyes I was marking. Thumbs up!!!!!!!! I used to have the Eagle 320 whcih I loved and thought was the best locator, now I am spoiled, there is a big difference.


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    how did you distinguish they were eyes. the classic arch??? my 480 shows them too.
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    I just got the Eagle Fish Strike 1000c for my birthday. I love it. I need to get a GPS antenna still, but the color fish finder is awesome.
  4. I thought about getting the one with gps but I'm on a 14 foot Fishing boat with a 9.9 and thought it would be a little overkill.I cant wait to use it.It will be a big change from my hummingbird 535.Thanks,jeff
  5. Frey,
    They were a little longer marks, but bigger than the normal, and the main part of the arch was yellow, meaning big fish, at least that is what a rep for Eagle said. When I drifted through those marks though I got walleyes. In another post in Lake Erie I have a pic of an 8 1/2 pounder, which when I seen the marks, they were in about 4 foot off the bottom and they were large arches. On Erie it is easier to tell if they are walleyes, rather than white perch, which show up as smaller marks. On inland lakes though, it is tougher.

  6. Fish Elite 640C IGPS here. Love it. You may regret not getting the gps. Having the high definition maps is awesome.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I got the 640 as well. It isn't bad for the price.

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    Just bought the 480 for the boat. Can't wait to try it.