Eagle fishelite 642c vs Seacharter 642c

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wballard77, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. wballard77

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    I was hoping that someone could give me a little insight on the two and why I should buy one vs. the other?
    The only difference is that the seacharter has dual freq. and 4000 watts for depths to 1500ft the fishelite goes to 800ft last time I checked there where no lakes that deep around central Ohio although I think that there is about 1000 ft of muck @ Indian Lake.(lol)
    Is the dual freq. worth the extra $ ???
  2. K gonefishin

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    Duel frequency transducer are good for extremely deep water over 200 feet and for downrigger tracking in very deep water, even a 200hz will pick up downriggers balls with 500 Watts of power, for the extra money, save it and buy some lures.

  3. You don't need /want the dual frequency. I have the FishElite 642C IGPS and easily pick up a .25 oz jig @ 40' just off the bottom in West Branch's muddy water.
  4. UFM82

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    The lower frequency travels further in the denser water with less signal loss. However, it can give you funny readings in shallow freshwater. The 200 is all you would need for inland work unless you are tracking downrigger balls as stated. I don't know that I'd spend the jack just for that extra feature. The 800' range is more than sufficient for anything short of Lake Superior.