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Eagle Cuda 168EX Problem

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by PartTimeBasser, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. I am having a problem with the fish finder attached in the front of my boat. It is an Eagle Cuda 168ex, transducer is mounted on my bow-mount trolling motor. The graph goes into "simulator" mode by itself...and often. It seems to happen more in shallow water (8 fow or less). I will scroll through the menu and turn it off, and it will go back into simulator mode sometimes in less than a minute.

    The transducer and cable seem to be in good physical condition. Has anyone seen this before? I really like the display on this graph. As far as "bang for the buck" it is a great unit, other than for this glitch!

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  2. Call Eagle or visit and explain the problem to them, they are very helpful and will do everthing they can to get it fixed for you. It sounds to me like maybe there is some kind of glitch in the software or something, could be as easy as an update or something. Definately give Eagle a call though, I have heard many good things about thier customer service. Good Luck


  3. Thanks, Jason. I will give it a try.