E85 Gasoline and non flex fuel vehicles

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  1. Just a question for all of you. Will it hurt a non flex fuel vehicle to use E85 fuel? Seeing as how it's about $.50 cheaper per gallon I was thinking about starting to use it but since my truck is not a flex fuel vehicle I didn't want to do any damage to the engine and have to buy a new engine. Thanks everyone.
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    I'm pretty sure it's only compatible with certain vehicles, and will hurt a non-compatible vehicle. A gas station right across the street from our house was the first station in the Cleveland area to get E85 and I researched it a bit. There's a website somewhere that will tell you all the compatible vehicles, I'll try to hunt it down.

  3. You have to be careful here. Anything over around 25% can make your vehicle run poorly. There is more programming in flow rates, spray width of injectors, sensor etc for more control when uping the alky %. Most of todays fuel systems are made with more stainless steel/alcohol compatable components, but it will reek havoc on o-rings, etc. that were not built for alcohol. If you are interested in it, then I would recommend researching it more, and starting with E10 with a few gallons for a while, then a little more for a bit. Keep working your way up, but be very attentive to your vehicles performance.
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    You can convert most vehicles safely. The loss in efficiency usually makes the price not worth it. If the cost of gas is 15% more than e-85, you will be saving money. Anything less, the opposite.
  5. i heard you get less mile's per tank on e85 is that true?
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    I read that a vehicle with an 18 gallon tank will average 350 miles out of that tank.
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    15% lost efficiency.
  8. My old man has an '07 Sierra with a V8. He says his mileage is a lot worse with E85 and that the price of E85 would have to be about 75 cents cheaper per gallon to break even.

    I'm still not sold on this stuff yet. It sure has brought the price of corn up causing the livestock farmers some problems.
  9. Actually the efficiency lost is >15% on many cars, especially ones that weren't designed for it. Add to that the damage to rubber gaskets, o-rings etc. & it's not a very cost effective move. Also with E85, your starting performance will be poorer in hot weather & hot restarts can be awful ; remember the old vehicles that vapor locked ...... same deal.
  10. I have heard and read from many sources that the E85 efficiency is 15% or more of a drop. So as mentioned the savings at the tank is almost always negated by the frequency of trips to the tank. If you were to take 15% of the cost away from today's gas it would be somewhere around $3.20. I don't know if any are being sold at that price but that is pretty much where you would need to be just to break even with a 15% drop. As was mentioned, add on the conversion costs and you likely will never get that money back. Not to mention that it just takes a lot of energy to produce E85. I personally will never even consider anything with E85 unless they make some major improvements in production methods to cut the costs involved.
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    E85 brought to you from...

  12. Thanks guys. I think I'll stay away from it then. I can't afford a new engine and I surely can't afford more trips to the gas station. I filled up my truck on Sunday night and regular unleaded was $3.69/gal and E85 was $3.18/gal. I was just looking for a way to save a few bucks at the pump.
  13. lol an't it the truth ;)
  14. I'm just not sold on the fact that we are burning food. Also another thing to think about....

    If we are using a crop, corn, to creat a type of fuel that happens to be slightly cheaper than gasoline, what happens when the country is faced with a drought?

    E85 + drought = energy crisis
  15. Or floods....they say we've recovered alot in the Plains states, but it surely isn't currently reflected in the current market prices!
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    The current push in Ethanol technology is in switchgrass. From what everyone is saying, it looks very promising.
  17. Yeah I had read some more promising info on that as well. One of the pluses to that one is that it will not be a major pull on our food source like corn is. There is also less energy spent to yield the grass (no tilling). There is not the need for heavy fertilizing like corn. And the soil erosion that goes along with corn is not an issue with switch grass. All of those things certainly make it more encouraging. If they start using it and make it work out to be as economical for me as an end consumer then I will be interested.;)
  18. Yep, you can use the whole plant. But look out, algae will be the one that wins and we will all be running bio diesel engines, mark my words:)
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    Sheetz gas is 10 % ethanol, thats why I don't go there anymore for gas. Defiently hurts the MPG and your engine