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E-Bay question

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bkr43050, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. I am sure that many on here have experience with E-Bay transactions so hopefully you guys can help me out here.

    I have a question that I should have checked BEFORE winning the bid :rolleyes: but I am going to ask it now. I had been shopping through several trolling rod/reel combos and found one that suited my fancy. After getting the bid I realized that the shipping cost was not listed out on the page but they had the shipping calculator. Well when I use the calculator (from New Jersey) I come up with $38.45.:eek: This is actually about the price I bid on the combo. I was thinking somewhere in the $10-20 range on shiping costs. I promptly sent an e-mail to the seller asking to verify shipping costs and options on shipping. I even mentioned that I am not wanting this priority shipping but rather the least expensive but safe method. I won the auction yesterday afternoon and have not yet received a reply to either of the two messages sent to the seller. Needless to say I have not completed this transaction because I am not only uneasy about the added shipping cost but now wonder who I am dealing with because they have not responded.:confused: I know I may be jumping the gun on this and that the person may get back to me and set things straight but if not what would you do?
  2. ShoreBoundOne

    ShoreBoundOne lengthy Member

    This is where they can get you....sounds like you are doing the right thing...give the seller a few days to contact you. If the auction said shipping and "handleing"...they can charge just about any "handleing" fee they want within reason. I would just try to work it out with them via email.


  3. What I should have noticed that would have prompted me to be hesitant was that the seller only has had like 3 other sales. I did look and they were all positive feedbacks. The catch on this was that I found the item with only 15 minutes left so I jumped on it.

    I know the listing says 100% money back guarantee. I think I can just refuse to pay on the item if they do not cooperate without any problem. Is that right?
  4. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    someone trying to charge your 35 bucks shipping on a rod/reel is not reasonable. Try to work it out with him/her via email and if you cannot, the worse thing they can do is leave you negative feedback on ebay, and contact ebay which will result in a warning.
  5. Will I be able to leave feedback on their name even if I don't finish the sale? Because I will be sure to do that if I can to warn others.

    I looked through several other listings for rods or rod/reel combos and no others go nearly that high. Most are in the $10-20 range. I read the information on the shipping calculator and it says that the seller has to set up several pieces of information in order for the calculator to give an accurate price. Perhaps this person was inexperienced and messed something up on that screen. It did mention that you can include handling costs on the calculator. So it is possible that it is like ShoureBoundOne said. Maybe the are trying to sneak one in on people.
  6. Fish4Fun

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    Brian, i have shipped about 7 rods this yr and the highest shipping cost i have had to spend is $12, I also bid on something once and the seller had put the wrong weight in the calculator it was a shirt and the calculator said $15 for shipping and handling i emaild him and he corrected the weight and i paid only $3. Try to work it out but it is something you have to watch on ebay because some people will trick you into buying something at a low price because they will charge you an outragous shipping cost and make there money off shipping and handling instead of the item.
  7. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    You can leave feedback on the seller regardless of whether or not the transaction was completed.
  8. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Kicker is, you had every opportunity to ask about/calculate shipping before the auction ended. Ebay will take the seller's side on it. My father in law had a very similiar thing happen to him, and that's how it went down. Gotta watch yourself on Ebay...It's not uncommon to see a $1 hat with a shipping fee of $20.
  9. You are right Shake Down. I did have the opportunity to ask...sort of. The problem was that I found the item 15 minutes before the auction ended and in haste did not do so.:(

    Incidently, he finally got back to me on e-mail and claimed that it cost him $33 to ship in-state and that they told him it would cost $38 to me.:rolleyes: I went in to the UPS site and costed it out myself not knowing the exact dimensions. I figured I can get pretty close. I was coming up around $22. I told him I would go as high as $23 and otherwise he can sell to the next highest bidder. I have n response yet.
  10. Shipping is not the only cost to the seller. He also has to provide proper packaging to ensure the items get to you in good shape. If he did not have packaging containers on hand the extra cost my be in the packaging materials. I would hate to see you get gouged for shipping but even if you only had one minute left in bidding it is your responsibility to make sure all is OK BEFORE you bid. Your bid is a contract!
  11. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    You must have gotten a rod over 8 ft long. The shipping goes up a ton if the girth of the package is over 108 inches. The USPS wont ship if its over 108 inches I'm having that problem right now, w/ a couple cat rods. Normally its only in the $10. range to ship a rod. I am a assuming that UPS is adding someting for it being so large. I feel for you. Like Captn said, you'll probally have a bad feedback, but that should be all. I get nuts in EBAY sometimes too and do things that I shouldnt like buy a Bo Jackson Throwback Jeresy, an autographed Chad Johnson Jersey, and find out the shipping is $20.!!!
  12. The best shipping container for long rods is PVC tubing. UPS will not ship anything over 6' long. I received four 6'6" to 7'6" rods from a seller in Texas that were shipped to Ohio in a 4" dia. PVC tube. I think the actual postage for Priority Mail was around $18.00. I paid around $28.00 for S, H & I, which I think is quite reasonable considering the cost of the PVC tube and endcaps.

    eBay will back up the seller. It is your responsibility to know all of the seller's terms, conditions and shipping charges before you place your bid. I'm sorry, but you have only yourself to blame. If the seller refuses to budge and you do not complete the transaction, you may receive a negative feedback from the seller. You will also receive a non-paying bidder warning from eBay if the seller reports your failure to honor your winning bid. eBay user accounts are suspended after receiving a third non-paying bidder warning.

  13. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    We are a UPS shipping outlet at my place of business. over 30 bucks is way too much. And, yes UPS does ship over 6 ft in length. Just had a package go out yesterday that was 8 ft long. The extra length just costs a little or a lot more. depends! :D

    The only thing is how long is the rod?? unless I missed it! :eek:

    I just punched in a package that would measure 90 inches by 5 inches square to Washington DC including up to 100 bucks insurance, and it was 24.22 to ship. That would be pre packaged of course. If this fits into your criteria, that is an idea. If you want to find out, give me the dimensions of the rod and what not, and Zip code it is being shipped from, I can tell you exactly how much it is costing this guy to ship it to you. Providing he would even ship UPS! :cool:
  14. RockBass,

    Hey, I like the idea of giving me your price estimation. The rod is 6'6" and has an Okuma reel. I figured from the UPS on-line calculator using 84"x6x6 and came up with around $22. It is going from 07052 to 43050. I don't know whose packaging he was planning on using but on the calculator I figured it on UPS packaging. He even said he was taking it to a UPS store which I assume helps the price.

    I understand that I may get a non-payer warning and negative feedback. However, I don't want that to let me give this guy the extra $$. I agree that I should have known the shipping costs ahead of time. I will be much more careful from here on out. So if I receive a strike I am sure I will not "strike out".;)

    Thanks for all of the responses guy...even those laying the blame on me.:D
  15. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Pay the shipping and eat it. Chaulk it off to a learning experiance. The seller had his terms listed, when you bid, you are agreeing to them. That's the terms of sale. I know a guy who lists buyer pays shipping & handeling & takes the item to a shop where they pack it. The cost is always much higher, as they provide the box & pack it & ship it UPS or Fed X. Anyway, no one ever complained to him. :eek:
    Just find out what's he's charging you, he has to buy or get a tube, pack it, take it to the shipper. All that takes time & there's a cost. It's a business, I'm sure where you work charges someone for your time too. ;)
  16. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    PS: You're really only talking about a few dollars here. The cost of shipping is just that, part of the cost, the tube might cost $5.00 $8.00 ?? Cost of tape $1.00 ? So if he's asking for $10.00 more than the actual shipping, then if you add an $8.00 tube & $1.00 tape ( not adding in the $10.00/hr labor for packing & taking to the shipper) we've added $9.00 to the shipping cost....$23.00 + 9.00 = $32.00 So $33.00 is one whole dollar more. Once you get poor feedback, especially on your 1st sale, sellers don't have to accept you bid.....
    Also, if the rod is 6'6" he will need a 7' container...or at least 6' 10" as one must leave 2" container larger than the item or the shipper's insurance doesn't pay for damage. I lost out on a $195 sale...$218.00 with shipping for that very reason, the leg of a coffee table was broken in shipping, the box was snug. Had the box been the proper size, it would've been about $50.00 more(oversize) to ship, so by me trying to save the customer some $$ cost me $218...because I still have the table & that's what I refunded him.

    So even if he adds on a few bucks for his time, consider it a tip, like when you have pizza delivered.
  17. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Yeah there is not really much you can do unless you want the neg feedback.

    I did punch in those numbers, and from here (44629) to 07052, the shipping without packing costs would be 16.41 I did not enter your zip because I would have to change our system to put you zip as the ship from. Too much hassle, but that gives you an idea!! :)

    UPS store is actually a bit more than we are too. They make there income off the shipping so they add more to the cost. That does not help since the seller is not coming to us to ship! :rolleyes: Go to a Mail Boxes Etc. once. they will charge you 10.00 for 2.00 worth of packing stuff! :eek: I am sure UPS store is the same!

    Something I always do if I am selling is put in my description that I only charge actual shipping. So, if you want the actual cost to you, email me so I can get it for you! When bidding, I also email ahead of time to see what the shipping is. It helps you to sort through the folks that gouge the prices.
  18. Well I am waiting for a return message from the guy based on our correspondence yesterday. I have not been rude with him but I am just wanting to get the best pricing. I guess if he is being honest that hopefully he is interested in keeping the cost down as well. It will only help him in the long run as well in that people will be more willing to pay a few bucks more for his item.

    I have run the estimates through US Parcel Post and UPS and both have been way lower. He sold another rod and reel combo in August that was 7' long and had a flat $25 rate on it. He mentioned that it was an odd shaped object. What would be the best way to ship a rod and reel combo. I am not sure why it would be an odd shape.:confused:
  19. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    The reel takes a larger box than the rod, so the package might look like a golf club. Often the seller's will ship the reels separate from the rods (gives you 2 shipping bills)
  20. I just want to say that I have made contact with the seller and he is very cooperative in trying to find a better price. I actually called the UPS Store which he said he had gotten the pricing from and they pretty much verified his price. They told me that the box that they would ship in would cost $15. I guess these UPS Stores know how to make a profit.:rolleyes: I was trying to find out about any other shipping companies that he could use that would be more reasonable. So far I have not been able to do so. I may just have to bit the bullet.:( Oh well, I have learned to be even more cautious from here on out.

    Thanks for all of the input.