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    I've been thinking about dyeing my own materials for a long time. I know there are books out there that cover this subject in detail (A.K. Best's book seems to be the gospel here) but lets face it....I'm a cheap skate. If I can get a little friendly info from some friendly folks who don't mind sharing, then why pay for it??

    Anyways. I've read on other forums where folks use easter egg dye to dye their materials. My question is this: anyone here ever tried it? If so, how'd it work out, how long do you let it soak and did you use vinegar or water?

    I've heard Rit works very well also, but we have some easter egg dye left over from last easter so I thought I'd give it a shot.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Your post interested me about the Easter egg dyes. Here's some info from a craft forum.
    Hair is protein. I would assume the Easter egg dyes would work as long as the pH is low (vinegar or some other acid) and you let the color set.


    RIT works well too. Just use an old pan.

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    Kool Aid mix the kind in the small packets works very well. Leave out the suger and mix the stuff with some water. It come's all kinds of colors (flavors) and is very cheap. Check flyfisherman archives there was an article a while back about it. S
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    Cool aid works well. But RIT can be a hard mess to clean up afterwards.