DuraCats Mount Vernon Results

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Doctor, May 11, 2008.

  1. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    May 10th 2008
    9 boats total
    1st Place Dale Kerns, Greg Edwards 160.05# Big Fish 47.45# Blue
    2nd Place Ken and Elzie Lewis 106.40# Big Fish 44.30# Flathead
    3rd Place Doc and Lynn Lange 105.15# Big Fish 35.50# Flathead

    Pictures are up click the link http://www.duracats.com/MTVernon08.html

    Thanks Doc
  2. Nice job Doc, you guys rocked, bummer you were 1+ lb out of 2nd place... A lot of nice fish ( nice blues, channels and flatties) and great pics on the link. Where exactly is Mt Vernon?? funny how the weather here totally sucked this weekend. got 1.9" of rain on my gauge since Thursday night.


  3. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    It's 317 miles from Springfield:D about 100 miles from Louisville, Ky on I 64 west, the water down there is awesome so much structure and ledges, the guys that won it fished the lock and dam, I'm still a little scared to fish that close yet so I passed, current was crankin with 6 oz. of lead barely keeping us on the bottom, we worked hard all day to get our 6 fish, 15 min. left and we got our 6th fish and we could see the ramp from where we were at. Lynn's 35# Flathead is her best Flathead, I got the 28# Blue then 13 min. later Lynn nailed the Flathead, we were pretty pumped after that, the fish down there don't mess with the rods they just flat out bury them down hard, circles are always right in the corners of there mouth and anchored solid so they must pick the bait up and turn down river, the Flathead bash is this weekend in Leavenworth and with the water high it should be great fishing for Flatheads..............Doc