"Duplex" for small game

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  1. Anyone else load "duplex" loads for small game? By duplex i mean two sizes of shot in one round to fill the pattern or extend range a little. My turkey load is a mix of #6 and #4 or #2 lead shot. For my 1150-1200 fps rounds I use 3/4 oz of #6 and 1/2 oz of #4. For my "stronger" loads (not recoil friendly) I use 3/4 oz #6 and 1/2 oz #2. By using the mixed shot you can extend your range to 40-45 yards and still have a fairly dense pattern. The heavier shot (2 or 4) carries energy a bit farther while the 6 shot fills out a nice pattern. I have tried loading 1 1/2 oz loads but it seems to leave gaps in my pattern from my gun so I dropped back to the 1 1/4 oz loads.

    Reloading my own shells also allows me to save a little money, so I can practice more for the same cost. The highest priced turkey load with all the pellets in the world doesn;t help if you can;t afford to pattern your shotgun properly and practice less due to the cost of the ammunition.

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    I used Duplex loads early on in my turkey hunting career. I have since gone to a 3 ½’ gun and shoot only copper plated #6 shot. The Duplex loads seemed to work well in heavy cover, but beyond that I couldn’t see a real advantage.