Dumbness on C.J.

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BlueBoat98, May 4, 2008.

  1. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    No, this isn't about the boat ramp rodeo. It's a whole new world of stupidity, this time on the part of someone with ODNR. I was out for the first time this morning doing a little jigging (got skunked on eyes - some nice Crappies and WB) Anyway, imagine my surprise when, right in the middle of one of the best Walleye jigging humps on the entire lake - someone put a "Boat Swim Area Buoy" Not that all that many people actually swim around those things but they are very likely to get a jig in their butt if they try it this year. Seriously, there are over 2000 acres out there and they put this buoy right by the old creek channel on a highly productive hump. Does no one at DNR pay any attention to these things? I just can't get over how dumb this is.

  2. Maybe the bouy broke loose and travelled there? I have seen them with broken cables and washed up on shore before. Just trying to be optimistic. ;)

  3. I saw the buoy my last trip out, and could figure out what “they” were thinking:mad: … Looking at the bright side; maybe the added “structure” on the will act as a fish attractor;)
  4. I was out last week and it looks like most of the buoys are in strange places... I'm not sure how they are attached/anchored, but my vote is that they have come loose and need to be put back in their correct locations. But... If you think it's an intentional placement, perhaps it's work a phonecall or two.

    I'm also curious as to who is putting the jug lines all over the place on CJ. I saw at least three that were incorrectly built/labelled... Not white... no reflective tape... and no name information on them.
  5. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    I hope that they drifted loose but I sorta doubt it since others have seen them in the same strange places. There is a "no wake" buoy that is way South of the campground peninsula. It's pretty much out in the middle all by itself. I was certainly well inside it at full throttle before I realized what it said. More dumbness. It's like they grabbed a couple of teenagers and told them to "spread these things around the lake..."

    There were no "no wake" buoys by the ramps either. Maybe I'll be wrong and they'll put them where they should be.

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    Whaler Whaler

    Some of the people putting buoys back in a lake in the Spring are dumber than a box of rocks ! I've seen them place them where if a person used them as they are intended would actiually run over points and stumps. My buddy and I found a whole lower unit of of an outboard on one of these points during low water in the Fall one year. I don't know if the boater had followed the buoy instructions or was just a dipstick and disobeyed them in that case ?
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    Expect them to be in there proper place by Memorial Day Weekend. All the lakes I been to this year has been this way (bouys everywhere). Also the Div. of Watercraft has been out flexing there muscle, be sure to have all your proper equipment.
  8. Sounds like a marker bouy to me.Whare was that again?
  9. I noticed that at least two of them appeared to have been hit with the tops ripped off of them.
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    cjpolecat cjpolecat

    When you are jigging for "eyes" , what bait setup do ya use.
  11. Hey Blueboat98,
    Thanks for my new walleye jigging spot. I'll be sure to fill the freezer.........:G :G :G
  12. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    Well, this one wasn't any secret which makes it so dumb for them to plant a buoy in the middle of it. Watch out for those swimmers or you'll be hauling in a really big'un.

  13. I was just joking. I never make it out to CJ anyway, but I bet the next time you get out to your spot you will see about 10 boats tied off on boat swimming buoys around the lake!
  14. Hey Blueboat,
    I was out Sat. and was fishing that area where the buoy was. The Water Craft came and moved it .. "They moved all the buoy's back to there original positions." I don't think they ever pulled them for the winter and the just got blown around a little. There goes everybodys marker for the good eye spot! It was still 25-30 yds off the sweet spot though;)
  15. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    Yay! I officially retract all the bad things I thought, and said, about them. I knew it wasn't ON the spot, but it was close enough that a bunch of pontoons with swimmers would certainly have screwed things up.