dumb rookie mistake - ever make one?

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  1. Buckeye Lake – never been generous to me with flats, but can often find enough channels to make for an enjoyable evening. So there I am, fishing away, not even bothering to load a rod up with blue gills for flats as I have pretty much given up on that idea, dead shad and channels is the plan.

    The hardest part of fishing with kids is that you are so worried about what they are doing that you don’t always pay as much attention to your own details as you should – like remembering to LOOSEN THE DRAG after you pull a snag out!!!!

    Darn rod looked like it had been body slammed – this fish hit hard enough the rod holder on my boat skipped 5 teeth position before my line broke. No gradual pull – just WHAM & the rod is down. ¼ of a second later, the rod is up. The leader was 25lb. Felt like an absolute idiot when I realized I my drag was too tight…..

    So yup, missed my best cat of the year, and missed the only flathead bite I have ever had on buckeye :(

    Did catch a fair number of channels that night, didn't make me feel much better though
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    i have a feeling you got attacked by a big wiper from your description of the hit.flatheads generally don't hit hard and fast,but those wipers will tear your arm out of it's socket if you're holding it on the hit:eek:
    the bottom of buckeye is littered with rods that were robbed from unsuspecting fishermen by those critters.

  3. Big wiper? Never thought of that - do they get large enough to snap 25lb line? It was a very aggressive hit, while I have had cats do that it's rare for me.

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    Probably a Wiper. And it does not take a huge wiper to break a 25lb test line. They are just that strong and aggresive. Flatheads on the other hand would have taken the bait slow and direct, the do not feed with speed.

    It may have been a large channel cat too?

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    In fact yes, I made that same mistake earlier this year. I was fishing a new spot I found on the Scioto with a Slip Bobber rig and a live 6" crappie. The bobber just disappeared and when I set the hook I felt the fish and it was well over 10lbs, I reeled in twice then the fish decided to run... my pole bent and my new 30 powerpro snapped. It makes you feel so DUMB especially because im always harping on my fishing buddy to always check his rigs before recasting. So of course he laughed for 20 minutes at my misery of missing a big one. It will keep you on your toes for the rest of the season though.
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    Heh, I wouldn't call that a rookie mistake, just a common one we all make and usually only when it matters :p
  7. Rookie mistake?

    I have lost several big cats, prolly 20 pounders and countless other fish because of a bad drag, many nice carp and bass too. I would rather lose a fish at the bank than have that happen.