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  1. I dont know much about motors but have been cleaning up an old motor for my boat. Its a 1977 7.5hp Ted Williams. I have it cleaned up and looking pretty good, got stuff in the gas tank cleaning it right now got a new spark plug put in but the thing I dont know is if I have to greese or oil the lower end. There is a plug just above the prop that says fill and to me looks like I would use oil in there but I always here people talk about "greese the lower unit". So anyone know if I would greese or oil the lower end?
  2. Yes, you need to change the lower unit fluid. I don't know enough about that motor to offer any help, sorry.

  3. You will use oil in that motor.
    If you go to a dealer of motors he will tell you which oil to use in it.
    There are 2 types of oil for lower units.
    One type is for newer motors and the other is for older type motors.
    Remove the bottom oil plug and open the top plug(Screw).
    Let the old oil drain out.
    Fill your oil bottle to the top and insert it into the bottom hole of the motor, leave the top screw out.
    Squeeze the bottle and fill the case from the bottom to the top.
    When it runs out the top screw hole, put the screw in it while holding pressure on the bottle of oil.
    When you got the top screw seated in the hole, pull the bottle away and put in the plug for the bottom hole.
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  5. Thanks walleye. I didnt look on the bottom for a drain plug but I'm sure it will be easy to find. Have you had one of these motors before?
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    As stated, there is a "drain" hole, and there should be one above it, that might say "vent" on or around it.

    You can save yourself a lot of shop rags by aquiring a lower unit oil pump for about $10. It is a pump that fits on the gear lube bottle, and lets you pump the lube into the lower unit.

    You'll probably need some new drain and vent screw washers, too. I would also check the fuel filter. It should be located along the gas line somewhere, before the line goes into the carb. You might want to run some Sea Foam in the first couple of tanks of gas, as well.
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  8. I couldnt find a drain plug?? There is a vent screw but it was just below the fill hole. I ended up taking off the cover that is on the lower unit that covers the gears and cleaned that out and put it back on, now I just need to find out what kind of oil i need to put in it. I looked at the fuel filter and it looks brand new, no rust or anyting on it. What is sea foam and what does it do?
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    seafoam is a fuel system cleaner/treatment,just like those that you pour in the tank on your car.gander has it,as do other places.just add it to the fuel mix per instructions on the can.
  10. I'd highly suggest buying a manual for your motor. It'll pay for itself many times over. That's why I was hesitant to explain the normal procedure for changing lower unit fluid, I wasn't sure if that motor was set up the same as most others. A picture of the lower unit might help. I think I bought Seafoam at NAPA.
  11. I have tried to find a manual but not having any luck. its a 1976, not 77, Ted Williams 7.5hp any ideas on where to find a manual? Thanks for all the help guys.
  12. Can you get the serial number for it? That will tell who actually made it.
  13. I'm sure i can find it. I know its a Tecumpseh motor
  14. thanks magis. I'll get the id number and tonight and look it up.