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    A man named Ed is walking down the street when he comes across a garage sale. In the garage an old man is sitting on a chair, and his dog DUKE is sitting on the floor next to him. Ed walks into the garage and takes a seat across from the old man, and his dog. After a few minutes of conversating Ed starts having some gas problems. Ed decides to slip one out in hopes that the old man doesnt notice. A couple seconds later the old man blurts out Damn DUKE. Ed is feeling good about this, and says to himself man I can get away this he is blaming his dog. So Ed lets another one rip, only this time it smells way worse than the first time. Again the old man blurts out Damn DUKE. Ed knowing he can get away with it lets out the the worst smelling fart ever, and the Old man stands up and looks at DUKE and blurts out Damn DUKE you better move before he poops on you.