Duck Season

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Micro_Mini_Angler, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Micro_Mini_Angler

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    Hey guys was just wondering if any of you were duck hunters, i will be going opening day Saturday. went for youth season got 1, well i guess a half of one, me and my cousin shot at the same duck, lol well was just wondering if anyone else will be out there.
  2. Vmax


    My buddies and I will be out 1st and 2nd day!Went scouting today.

  3. I'll be at my spot at 3:30 on saturday and 4:00 on sunday!
  4. freyedknot

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    only for about 35 years now. will be at nimi saturday,so i don't have to race to beat the crowd.
  5. Toxic

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    Should be out Sat. Sun is iffy right now. I might have to take my wife to the airport.
  6. I will be at either nimmi or mogadore on sat and the other on sunday
  7. fishingful

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    i will be out sat morning then perching sun
  8. duckman

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    I will be out Sat but planning on field hunting just to avoid the numnuts! Sunday I may be out chasing walleye. Maybe I need to take some diver deeks and a shotgun and Perch/merganser instead ... or is that baiting? :D
  9. Finished the blind yesterday. Eagerly awaiting the opener. I hunt a private cornfield ten minutes from my house with StevieD and his boys.

    I don't miss the numbnuts that I used to deal with on public land/water.
  10. A picture from last year.

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  11. snag


    fixed up the blind on sat looks great looks like a big floatin cattail brush blob on a private marsh at least i don,t have to get there at 4 in the morn been there ,done that yrs ago at grand river,set up early then a late comer rolls in at shootn time,no more of that,good luck all...........
  12. Half the crew will be at Nimi & the other half at Magadore.
    Sunday may be at a private field around Chip. Lake for Geese and a few ducks.
  13. !$ I'll be going to Killbuck same place for the last 30 years!@ !@
  14. Nothing wrong with Killbuck.
    It was always my starter except for the last 2 years.
  15. Oh ya I'll be out on saturday looks to be a very "ducky" day
  16. freyedknot

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    nimi blind 10 saturday and pikeral creek monday ..area 7 am area 4/5 pm. and sunday i will bre at the wall b4 i go perchin!