Duck Season Opening Weekend

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  1. For all of us inland lake and resevoir fishermen be aware i think this is the opener for duck season i was thinking of going out this weekend but may reconsider I have had shot fall on me one time and it is not fun. Is there sunday hunting of waterfowl?
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    Yes there is Sunday waterfowl hunting. Has been for many moons now. Please respect each other out there this weekend. Good luck and be safe to those who venture out

  3. Thanks toxic i will let the Ducks guys have there opener still plenty of fishing season left
  4. Thanks for that...nothing worse than having a guy in a boat throwin' a spinnerbait in your dekes...

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    There needs to be more public education on this. Many years ago before I was aware of this issue, I strayed into duck hunting territory with no idea that I was violating someone's space and ruining their hunt. It wasn't long before I had pellets raining down on me, and I learned. I got the hell out of there, and would have liked to give the hunter a piece of my mind, except for the fact that he was so camoflauged that I had no idea where he was--and he had a big gun. I have no doubt that the hunter's actions were intentional as I did not observe any ducks in the area. I did not even realize that hunting was allowed there (Michigan) because it was very close to some residences.

    I think that the ODNR and groups like Ducks Unlimited would be well served by posting educational courtesy signs in key locations.
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    I concur, streamstalker. I have never run into any issues as far as hunters of any kind, but I don't hunt so I am ignorant of things like season openers etc etc.
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    jeff,just pass up buckeye,and hit hunting there;)
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    This site is a start. ;)
  9. Ok..I'll bite on this one again...

    Pay attention this time of year to what is going on around you while fishing, particularly early morning and late in the afternoon. Duck/goose decoys for the most part do not move much...and are pretty easy to notice. Listen for horrible sounding ducks and geese...this would be Johnny 2-barrel and his 3 buddies that watched a new waterfowl video over the summer, bought a calling CD...3 new calls..and decided that they needed to try to "call" at birds.

    Lift your nose and try to smell the scent of coffee, cigars, cigarettes, or bacon/eggs burning on a cook stove. Look for dogs that are running around in shallow water barking at squirrels in the trees...listen for guys yelling..."DRAKE! BAAAAAACK! DRAKE! HEEEEEEEL! DRAKE!!!! DRAKE!!!!!!!! @#$%%@#$@#$!!! DRAKE!!!!!!!" You might also want to watch the shoreline for the inevitable human moon leaning up against a tree or over a log as Mother Nature has called upon the duck blind.

    I have 12 months out of the year to fish...we get about 60 days to hunt waterfowl...try to be courteous.

    Oh...and don't forget..most duck/goose hunters are hung over and not in a good mood, particularly if there is no wind and no clouds...just keep that in mind.

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    GOOD GOD I needed that laugh...Thanks BFG, Thanks a bunch!!%
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    Dude, stop spying on me LOL:eek:
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