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Duck, NC fishing

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Sarah salata, May 1, 2017.

  1. Heading to Duck 1st week in June with my family. Hope to surf and pier fish, what should i expect to catch. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. I go to topsail, I prefer fishing the surf. Have you fishing in the surf/pier before?

  3. Yes fished surf and juenette pier. Where is topsail. How about the sound
  4. It is just south of camp legume in NC. I probably don't have much to offer if you have experience. I have fell in love with ocean fishing.
  5. Top Sail is not OBX so probably out of the way for you Sarah. I would fish Avalon pier or if you want to travel a little go south and fish the inlet. If you are shore bound you can catch croakers, puppy drum, and flounder on the sound side. Bluefish, spanish mackerel, and the same bottom fish can be caught pretty easy from the beach or piers.

    My favorite fishing of all time is out in the blue water off of NC in the gulf stream, but unless you have connections it's a pretty pricey trip. Great time of year for tuna, mahi, and bill fish will have started up too.

    Good luck!
  7. Sarah the sound in duck nc isbrackish water. I've caught white perch , bluegills , and crappie in the area the light house is.
    Way back when it was a largemouth mecca that apparently is making a comeback. I had my kayak but strong winds kept me from really searching for bass.
    Further south the next sound (can't remember the names for some reason) will offer more saltwater fishing an can catch drum,flounder,tout etc. The organ inlet is a cool place to fish. Do a search on here a few years back bye doboy,ncbass,an myself an a few others have put up lots of info.
    Good luck and have fun....
    Fyi imo duck donuts=over rated. Donuts on a stick just as good,lolol
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  8. I'll be in Salvo that week with my family. Well be fishing the Avon pier and surf as well. Also trying to arrange scheduled with my dock neighbor to come down and go out on a charter. We did good down there two years ago...on a charter out of Corolla my neighbor caught a 48 lbs Cobia. It was the fish of the week.
  9. Misdirection,heading south just after passing through salvo is a boardwalk on The sound side,a small cove comes up to the road there. I have caught nice flounder/puppy drum/and trout in there during high tide. Worth checking out for sure!
  10. Thanks! We'll check it out. I'm wait for my new line from FishUSA to re-spool my surf rods as I type.
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  11. Good luck hope you have fun... done well in that area on Joshy swims.... safe travels!
  12. Thanks for the replies will post up upon my return
  13. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    When I spent a week in Corolla I caught grunts, whiting, bluefish, dogfish, rays and stuff like that in the surf. Used squid, shrimp, clams (hate fishing with clams), bloodworms, sand fleas. Pretty much anything I could throw in the water. Caught lots of fish but nothing big. Was hoping for a drum or striper but nothing like that. But the quantity was incredible. 2 hours before and after high tide was a non-stop fish buffet. It wasn't unusual to blow through all the bait you had in an hour or two. I used 5 dozen shrimp one evening in a little over an hour and didn't miss many fish. The great part about Duck is that, at least when I was there, they didn't do the beach renourishment like they do at the more famous beaches. That's where they dredge up and blow the bottom from 100 yards out up on to the beach to build it back up after storms and the like. Problem is that stuff is out there for a reason. When they shoot it back up on the beach it suffocates everything in the zone. Sand fleas disappear on renourished beaches, as do small invertabrates and other crabs. Fishing in places that get this renourishment is horrible as the sea is basically dead. Pretty, but dead.
  14. I heard from a friend I used to fish offshore with down there yesterday that the inshore bite for cobia is on fire right now. The offshore bite has been great for tuna, mahi, and a few bill fish like I figured earlier in this thread. Good luck to you all.
  15. Fished Avalon Pier caught a few spanish one evening and a keeper flounder. Also caught a bunch of croakers and spots and a few ray. One evening on pier caught a dozen nice mullet.

    Fished surf caught a bunch of small stuff they were doin the renourishing in front of our place and fishing was poor.
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  16. Nice job Sarah! I'll be headed down to Nags Head at the end of July. I'll be mainly fishing the sounds and inlets. Hoping to get into some flounder, drum, sheepshead and blue crab. Keep us posted on how you do the rest of the week. Thanks for posting!
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