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Duck Creek Bass ?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Action, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. Anyone know anything about the bass fishing on Duck Creek north of Marietta. Have you hit this one yet Riverwalker ?
  2. Yeah,I fished it a couple times a few years back.A buddy of mine and I used to hunt a couple of farms down in there for grouse in October,and I'm never caught without a fishing rod or two! Where I fished it was up off of some RR tracks a bit northeast of Marietta,or dead east of I-77.One of the farms we hunted was near some little town called Stanleyville,and Duck Creek pretty much flowed through her farm.I fished it near some other town too,but I'm not real sure of the name,Caywood,Cavwood,something like that anyway.I remember catching some largemouth's,and a few spotted bass,but I don't recall anything spectacular as far as smallies.The stream I'm into down that way is the Little Muskingum River,I like the area north of Rinard's Mill.There's a ton of smallies in there,along with some nice muskies too.

  3. I fish the Little Muskingum quite a bit, a good friend of mine has a place in bloomfield. The # of smallies has diminished greatly in the past few years.
    The river otters are getting thicker in that area. I also fish the Rinards Mill area allot. Used to be awesome smallie action there.
  4. There's a small little village called Mechanicsville (near Rt.800),up in that area is where I mainly fish the L.Musky,there's still excellent numbers of bass up that way.
  5. Hey River Walker, I have a question or two about the Little Muskingum near Rinard Mills. Is it a wadeable stream for the majority? I have a belly boat that I can use to float through the deeper spots as needed. Could you get by with wading at the area of Mechanicsville or is it alot of private ground along the stream?
    I live in Athens and try to fish the Hocking. THis coming year I plan on hitting the smallies harder, even the smaller ones put up a fight and are fun. Take it easy and thanks!
  6. Up in that area(Mechanicsville),the stream is easily wadable.From the area around Rinard's Mill,you'll need that belly boat,there's a lot of deep pools in that area-a lot of big bass too! Up in the Mechanicsville area,we,ve asked different landowner's for permission to access the stream,and never had a single one say no.The only thing that I don't care for on this stream,is the seemingly over-abundant reptile population.This guy and snakes don't get along well with one another! I realize that the vast majority are just watersnakes,but to me,a snake is a snake!
  7. Thanks for the info River Walker. I'm always on the lookout for new areas to fish. I was wondering if you could maybe PM me on some general areas in the Mechanicsville area, like road names or numbers. Then I could stop in at houses to ask for river access. If not, no problem.
    About how far would these two areas be from Athens, Ohio? It would probably be good to make a whole day of a trip. Can a decent number of smallmouth be found in the Mechanicsville area? Thanks again and take it easy
  8. I'll drop you a PM tomorrow,or the next day regarding some of the access points that I have fished (bridge crossings).I fish streams all over Ohio and neighboring states,and I keep a very detailed log of every location I fish.I'll dig it out tomorrow and look up some of the info on the Little Muskingum and include it in the PM.I really don't know exactly how far it would be from Athens(I live in north-central Ohio,Mansfield),I don't think it would be very far from you though.Years ago,I used to fish the Hocking,and the Little Hocking Rivers every once in awhile.It was pretty decent fishing,but the canoeist's drove me nuts.There's a lot of excellent small stream fishing near the Little Muskingum River also.There's a small stream down in there called Cranenest Creek that's got some quality bass in it,and there's this other one near it(the name escapes me at the moment),I caught a couple big smallies back to back one day,both went over 4lbs.,that's huge for a tiny creek.I've even fished Margaret Creek near Athens and did well on bass,caught some nice crappies in there too.If you hop onto Rt.32 and head west into Adams County,there's literally dozens of excellent bass streams around there,Ohio Brush Creek for one.That's in my all-time "Top Five",I'll get back to you and give you a few more to get started on.Don't forget,they're still biting right now,you just got to work them real slow in cold water.
  9. Could I get a copy of that detailed log book. :D I'll send you a couple reems of paper to get started. :eek:
  10. THanks alot River Walker. It's guys like you who make this site great! I'm gonna hit the rivers harder this coming year. I want to get better acquainted with some smallies. If you're ever down towards Athens, let me know. Maybe we can hit the Hocking and I can have a pro teach me a few things. Thanks again!
  11. Action & OU
    It's guys like us why we should have a river and stream forum of our own,but that's not likely,so we can just share stuff like we're doing.Action,tell you what-I'll PM you a whole bunch of great creeks,each with their location,and directions to my favorite stretches of each creek.I'll get you one out too OU.I'll try and get on that New Year's Day.
    What are your favorite lures to throw? I basically go with (3) lures in different colors and sizes.My favorite is a New-Do grub in purple made by Venom,I attach this to a 1/4oz. purple jighead.Next,I like 1/6oz.white roostertails,and my third choice is a countdown rapala (3") silver/blue.I also like 1/8oz.Gypsi Jigs by Northland Tackle,but they can be hard to come by.My choice in rods is a G.Loomis SJR721GLX,and I go with a Shimano Sustain spinning reel.I like Stren magnathin line 6#.This is an extremely sensitive setup(but costly),fishing light jigs in deeper pools,you need the sensitivity.
    OU,I'll hookup with you down that way sometime,I'm always out and about on a creek somewhere,unless I'm playing with the big smallies up on the big pond.We got to get together with Warpath down there some day,he's from SE Ohio,and he knows some creeks down that way too.I've got to get together with you too Action and get in on some of that Tusky fishing,maybe you can tell me where some of those pheasants are running around at by you!
  12. Maybe we could hook up on the Kokosing some time. I fish there sometimes and its not to far from you. I like big loud buzzbaits May - November, crawdad cranks and tubes and suspending rogues. Live bait, flies and jigs in the winter. I also use a super spook jr in bleeding shad allot in the summer.
    Can't resist the topwater smallie thing.
  13. Sounds good RiverWalker. I really only use a couple of different lures when smallie fishing on the Hocking. I'm still a novice so I stick with what has worked. I'll fish tubes around any type of wood structure, throw upstream and let it float downstream by the log. Other than that, I go with either small spinnerbaits, usually white, sometimes in-line spinners, or small crankbaits. I do better fishing wood or rock cover than pools right now.
    I usually use a 6'6" medium-light action spinning rod with 8 pound test on a spinning reel. It is good if I start throwing lighter lures.
    Thanks for the freedom in willing to share some spots. Not sure how much smallie fishing I'll do anywhere other than the Hocking.