Dublin/Metro Park Ponds?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has fished any of the ponds around Dublin or the Columbus metro parks? I was searching around on the City of Dublin's website and noticed that many of their parks have ponds that allow fishing. Just curious if anyone had any experience with any of these? If so, hopefully someone could point me in the direction of which ones might be worth my time. My wife usually goes with me, and so looking for panfish and catfish. She mainly just likes to catch things or she gets bored easily.

    We went to O'shay on monday and got skunked. She made me leave after about 2 1/2 hours. I figured some local ponds might be better for her.

    Also, I noticed a few of the metro parks have fishing ponds. I think Prairie Oaks was one I was looking at. I think it's out near Plain City off of 70.

    Well, I was just curious if anyone could provide any more info on any of these locations. I'm not looking for anyone's honey hole, just some places that might be good to take the wife to and not have to leave after an hour or so.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Al the Dublin ponds will have about a million small blue gills and another 2 million 10-12" bass. Some are indeed a little better than others, but if you leave any pond without some type of culling/harvest plan, you're going to end up with tons of little fish.
    Most of them have some decent channel cats in them
    If that's what you're looking for, try the pond in front of the pool on Muirfield Drive.
    Fish from the walking bridge for cats with shrimp and you'll slay them all night.
    Fish on the east side of the bridge for bass....throw weightless plastics as every Dublinite with a baitcaster throws spinners and buzzbaits all day long at them to no avail. A weightless tube or wacky rigged Senko, tossed ONTO the opposite bank and then just slid into the water will bring your best bass in the evenings.
    You'll catch as many 1/2-1 pounders as you like. Feel free to take a few hundred home with you.....please.

  3. Here you go. Take Avery-Muirfield north from 270. Cross Brand. About 1/2 mile on the right.

  4. Darby Bends has been kinda slow for me this year(I think the fish wised up) you can go out there and catch gills(some really nice ones at times) and alot of bass between 8-10", I have heard people say the deeper you go the better out there and its no doubt very deep in spots, if your taking your girlfriend then its a good spot as its easy access and it has facilities to use, for these reasons it can be very crowded at times though.
  5. Hey andyman, thanks for the map. I was just wondering where I would park. I couldn't tell from the map where I might park. Thanks for the heads up on that pond though.

    I am hoping maybe next week I can travel around and maybe locate some good spots. Also, I was wondering if anyone has been to Osprey Lake lately. It is across from Trapper Johns? I haven't been there since it was a pay lake some years back. I pass it everytime I head to my parent's house, just wondering if it would be worth stopping by.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. If anyone else has any info on anymore of the ponds around Dublin that would be great.