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I just ordered 2 Dual Pro 2700 Batteries directly from Dual Pro. I talked with Neil at Dual Pro and he was really knowledgable and gave me a great deal.

The 2700's are an AGM style battery(Glass Mat) and according to what I've read are very durable, vibration resistant and last a lot longer on the water and over the years. They also keep their full potential supposedly throughout the entire life of the battery compared to a regular wet cell battery that eventually gets weaker and weaker.

I got the batteries for 150.00 each and like 167.00 total per battery with shipping. That's not bad considering our local dealer was going to charge me 200.00 each.

I got these batteries for my 24Volt Minn Kota Maxxum 74lb Thrust Trolling motor system that moves my TR-20(20 footer) around in the water... Fishing Erie and the Ohio River can be pretty demanding on your trolling motor. I'll give you my full review later but their customer service was second to none and he gave me a deal I couldn't find anyone pricewise....

These are the batteries they used in the BassMaster's classic for all their boats. Every board I checked raved about Dual Pro products and their batteries.

www.dualpro.com is their website if anyone needs info about them.
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