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Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Keith R, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Saturday I was fishing the Allegany river below Kinszu dam. Really the first time I have fished dry flies. My question is twice I checked my fly and the leader was wrapped around it pretty tight. Was wondering what would cause this to happen. I was using a 9' 6wt. rod with 4lb leader with a no knot fast snap for quick fly changes. Tell me the rod was to heavy and I need to buy like a 3 wt LOL. Seriously would like to know why this happens.

    They were the flies that I tied and caught 1 brown about 15" and lost 2 others.

    thanks in advance

    Keith R.
  2. Without seeing you cast Keith it would be hard to tell for sure, bu there are two likely culprits. The most common would be that you are not allowing your back cast to fully load the rod before starting your forward stroke. What that is doing is essentially causing the line to double up on itself behind you in the air...and can sometimes even result in a bullwhip like crack. If this is what is happening then just slow down your cast and allow the rod to do the work. Many people try to come forward hard in an attempt to throw more line, but that actually results in more work for les distance ;)
    An other possibility is that your wrist is not following through in plane and is rotating horizontally a bit. This will be hard for you to notice without making a video of you casting and then looking at it. What that does is twist your fly line a bit each cast and that eventually works it's way all the way to the fly and a resulting tangle. A telltale sign that this is the problem is if your unspooled line at your feet seems to want to coil up on itself.

  3. Chances are it is the first part of Mike's post. I have seen this often and was guilty of it myself in my early years of fly fishing.
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    I would assume that its your casting stroke. Its not your rod for sure. I had this problem all week on myself from using fast action rods then switched over to moderate action. I couldn't tell myself to slow down. aggravating at times. I usually never had this problems. But you still caught fish though!
  5. A hint taught to me by "Castwell" of FAOL when I got out of tempo & went too fast (easy way to tell is when your rod makes a "whoosh" noise). I am right handed...he walked up & said, "Mike, I want you to practice casting left handed for 10 minutes", then he walked away. Well I cast left handed (REAL lousy too), but when I went back right handed, BINGO!...my tempo was back. Now I do it when I get too fast. It really does work. Another plus is that if you get out of tempo often enough, you may just become adept at casting with the off hand! ;)