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  1. i'm a first time poster. will this recent rain affect the drum bite in the rocky river for this week? if so, are there any other spots that would be less affected? thanks.:confused:
  2. Got a question for you..Do you eat the drums? and if so how do they taste and how do you cook them? Thanks..

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    you actually FISH for sheephead? you'll have to enlighten me sometime because i've always looked at them as nuisance fish like gobies or white perch...unless nothing else is biting...then they're great
  4. Anyone who fishes Erie eyes knows the kind of thump sheephead/drum can lay on ya. I don't fish for them.....nor do I hope they hit.....drum can make a slow walleye trolling day.

    Drum are the aquatic equivalent of Rodney Dangerfield.

    "I don't get no respect!"
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    I was fishing Erie along the shoreline and under some bridges throwing dt-8 baby bass color and was killing the drums. i caught three 8lbs 10 lbs and 15lbs. i found 98 degree water.
  6. What happened to drum hunter? I thought he would of responded by now..
  7. nobody answered my question. i'm just getting knocked. drum are sportfish. don't act like you keep your sportfish to eat. i don't.:mad:
  8. I wasnt knocking you I was asking a serious question, If catfish are a sport fish..Then yes I keep them..
  9. Sheephead r a blast to catch! I love fishin for them since they r relatively easy to catch and put up a hell of a fight. As far as eating them they r not bad at all. Its been called poor mans lobster. Just cutout the backstraps of the fish and cut them into 1 inch bitesize chunks and boil them in water. Dipem in melted butter and enjoy!
  10. Thanks Stumpy, I think I'm headed to ashtabula this weekend..