drop tine stopped by for dinner again

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by esoxhunter, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. esoxhunter

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  2. Cool video...keep them coming. Are you going to try and find the shed this winter?

  3. misfit

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    doug,can i come over and hang out at your place through the day?:D
    gets boring here in this "city" apartment in downtown newark just watching traffic all day.but we did have a doe haning out in the parking lot a few weeks ago.i almost had the maintence man talked into roping it for a "community dinner";)
    we had plenty of them running around my place in reynoldsburg too.browsing in the yards,walking down the middle of the street like they owned the place,LOL.i'd sit on the deck with my coffee early in the morning,and just kick back and enjoy the show:)
  4. deer & rush great combination.
  5. esoxhunter

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    SUBDIVISIONS.....at the trophy rock
    SUBDIVISIONS.....at the corn pile

  6. Kyfisherman1

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    Hey, I got an idea, corn is like cake to deer.. they love it but it don't offer them much protein, start mixing it in with raw soybeans! thats 35-45% Protein, should be able to find it for 6-8 bucks for 50#, you should try it.. they aren't as crazy about it as corn at first, but they really do well on it...
  7. Mushijobah

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    Hahaha great choice in song.
  8. be cool or be SHOT AT!!!:p
  9. esoxhunter

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  10. thats a nice deer there, give him another year, that drop tine might get longer, hes a shotter now.
  11. crittergitter

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    Corn is the best thing a deer can eat in the winter time. It is loaded in carbohydrates which gives them an immediate source of energy. Protein is not that essential to them this time of year. Protein becomes much more important March through September when the bucks are growing their antlers.

  12. Fishman

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    lol at first thought it was an adult movie in the back ground
  13. Mushijobah

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    It wasn't?! It sounded like my favorite adult movie song of all time! Haha kidding! I love rush, Peart and Lee rock me in so many non-homo ways!
  14. he will be a dandy next year.