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  1. What size hooks do you all use when drop shoting for smallies on erie or anywhere for that matter
  2. krustydawg

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    I don't do a lot of smally fishing but if I am drop shotting I use 1 or 2 hooks depending on the size of bait, Gamakatsu split shot/drop shot hooks are a good choice imo.

  3. I use either Stand out hooks, or gami. circle hooks in size 1 or 2. Make sure that when a fish bites this style of hook that you don't set the hook. Instead simply aply steady pressure on the fish. with this style of hook and hookset the fish is usualy hooked in the top of, or in the corner of the mouth. Also I prefer florocarbon line (6-10# test) for dropshoting. I hope this helps.
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    Gamakatsu size 2 octopus hook (NOT 2/0)!!!! Or size 1 or 2 Gamakatsu split shot/drop shot hook, 8lb Flourocarbon line,set drag a little loose,nose hook your bait of choice and you are set.
  5. # 2 octopus work good and also the standout hooks work good.Just pull on the line when you get a hit. Dont set the hook hard!!! I use 8lb.line on a 6 1/2 ft.medium action rod with a good Shimano reel.