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  1. Anybody out there do driveway work? I want to get a small area either fixed with black top or concrete. I live in Akron and want to get this fixed before winter if the price is right.
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    If it is a small area, it's not too hard to fix yourself. Break up the area, make sure all loose pieces are romoved, add a nice gravel base if one does not exist, pack the gravel, add rebar of necessary, mix your bags of concrete, pour and smooth with a trowel. Make sure you get the thickness you need so you don't crack it by driving on it, if necessary. When you mix, add small amounts of water at a time as the line between too much water and not enough is very fine. Don't use the stuff for fenceposts as it will set up very quickly. Did some patch work on my dad's driveway, (about 30 bags worth) and it turned out okay.

  3. Where at in Akron. pm me some more info like size and contact info and I will give it a look, and get a price. Black top only small area or patches but concrete of any size is no problem.
  4. Anybody know where I can buy asphalt in the Akron area?I have a 6 foot x 26 foot area.
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    I know that lowes and probably home depot too sell "patch asphalt". I dont remember how much it was ($5 a bag maybe?) but it comes premixed ready to go in big heavy bags. Im not sure if that is only for patching or for building a driveway. I think the real issue would be compressing it to a nice flat surface but that can be accomplished with a power tamper I would guess. You have to tamp it into the hole in your driveway anyways if you are just patching. Might be worth looking into. I dont think ive seen anything else at home improvement stores so aside from the patch mixes, commercial services might be the only way to go.
  6. that's 156sq feet so you'll need almost 2 tons to make it 2" thick
    you'll need something to haul it in, it will be between 375 and 400 degrees when you pick it up (and yes that will burn the paint off a pickup bed)
  7. My dad just re-did the drive way a bit. He got all the stuff at Home Depot. Patched up a couple spots, filled some cracks, and then put a new coat on it. He wants to sell his house in a few years, and is probably going to have the drive way re-dun in a couple years, but it looks good from the work, and was pretty cheap.