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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by misfit, Jun 1, 2007.

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    well,it wasn't eneough last year,when the cops were searching my yard,looking for maurice clarett before they busted him with the carload of guns around the the trash is shooting up my street:mad:
    as i was sitting at the puter a couple nights ago,several shots interrupted the peaceful night,causing me to jump halfway out of my chair.seems the target of the punks was my neighbors directly across the street.but i have no clue whether it was just a random thing or the neighbors were intentionally targeted.
    it's not like i live in your stereotypical "hood",but rather a clean,normally quiet racially mixed(app. 50/50) dead end street with nice well kept duplexes(rent from 700+ to 800+).several of which are owner occupied.there's also a senior citizen apt. building across from me.the neighbors seem decent and try to keep the neighborhood nice and the worst problem we have is normally watching out for the kids playing in the street.i'm surrounded by nice condos on adjacent streets also.i like the neighborhood and though i speak to many neighbors,i don't socialize much,but most of the others don't either.
    i can't for the life of me,understand the mentality of these gang bangers,etc.
    keep the crap on your own turf.or better yet,wise up and quit the crap altogether.there's so much more to life than running around pimping,pushing drugs,shooting up decent neighborhoods and acting like the world owes you:(
    i got rid of all my guns several years ago,and my wife is(to put it mildly)not thrilled at the thought of having one in the house.but i think it's time to consider getting another one with things hitting this close to home.i really don't want to move,as i do like the neighborhood,but worrying about the safety of the kids,the older folks and my wife,it's hard not to think about it.
  2. Misfit I hear what you are saying! My wife and I have an agreement about guns in the house. Hunting and sport shooting long guns are no problem, but she WON'T have a pistol in the house. A couple years ago when there were a rash of home invasions in the area I got a Compromise gun. A pistol grip shotgun and it stays where I can reach it. the Ammunition is in a generally adult only accessible place and near to hand but not too near the firearm. I load my own shells for shotgun and have loaded about 19-20 grains of unique powder behind a 1 1/8 wad/shotcup full of steel BB's. About an ounce of BB's loaded to about 1100-1200 Fps (give or take). Doesn't overpenetrate, most stay in a 3/4 sheet of cdx (for penetration) Pattern in a cylynder bore is about 20 inches at the length of my hall (22-24 ft). Oh and by the way, the carpet is scotchguarded, just in case. Can't figure how to stainproof the ceilings and walls though.

    I hope that the violence doesn't persist in your neighborhood. Peace of mind is too precious. Be Safe.


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    This crap is way out of hand...moving does no good as it can happen anywhere anymore. I'd say get some heat and have it handy. These fools now days don't care if they inadvertently shoot/kill the wrong person. What's worse, it's usually over some petty crap that doesn't mean diddly-squat. I have a younger cousin who just mentioned yesterday a friend of his was gunned down earlier in the day in the Indianplois area. I've been pretty fortunate in the area I live but just a few short miles away it's a different story. Someone gets popped on a weekly basis. Heck, you would think that they would have wiped one another out by now.

    Geeez, Rick, now you got me all worked up which is not normal on most topics. :mad:
  4. i got one for sale 45 cal compact made by taurus model pt145 pro got the box book two 10 round mags and gun lock keys it loks the gun its self recomended if u have kids i want 325 for it
  5. And I'm visiting over there in a month, I'm not gonna get shot am I????
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    That would be highly unlikey...unless of course you hang out with the wrong people...! :D
  7. I have to agree with you Rick. After my many visits it is a very nice neighborhood. If it wasn't for you living over there I might consider moving there. :D It's too bad that people have that much free time to go and do stupid things like that. I guess I'll be straping on my bullet proof vest in the morning before I head over that way. :D

  8. Ha Ha Ha, I dunno, Are you the wrong people?:)
  9. Lewis


    I hear you Rick.
    I lived in the Akron area for many years and I saw first hand what you are talking about.
    My 18 year old nephew was murdered several years ago in his own driveway in the middle of the day....gang bangers:(
    Its almost a right of passage for some young punks to shoot somebody.
    Thats one of the reasons I live so far out in the sticks now.
    You just dont hear of that stuff around here.
    I would pack some heat for sure.
    If you have gangs and drive by shootings, burglary and home invasions might not be too far off.
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    My mother lives on the north end of Columbus and mentioned to me today that she heard several shots a few nights ago. I thought it was all in her head and told her it was probably firecrackers, but Rick I know you were in the service and im sure you know what a gun shot sounds like. I guess she was right.

    As far as moving to the sticks goes id actually be more afraid if I lived out there of a home invasion or burglary. Hell, no one can even hear you scream for help out there. Not to mention with the proliferation of meth in our rural areas in the last decade nowhere is safe. The guy that runs the baitshop at Seneca lake in the middle of nowhere carries a loaded pistol on his belt because of all the crazy "meth heads" he encounters there.
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    i have lived in some really bad areas before,and have also lived in the "boondocks".i much prefer the country,but it's not much of an option at this stage in my life.two of my kids (and my ex) still live in the country east of newark,where they were lives on the same property,and the other is only a half mile down the road.the third lives in a very small town 5 minutes away from them.they will never leave there because of just such things.they've seen what the city(columbus)has to offer when i would have them for weekends when they were growing up.they're all between 35-40 now,with their own kids and don't want to bring them up under these conditions.i've lived in the city and country over the years,but much prefer the country myself.i've owned guns all my life,but gave the last of them to my sons a few years ago.guess it's time to take at least one of them back;)
    the wife may not like the idea,but she does know i do what i think is right,so she will suck it up if/when i get a gun for home oldest has a 9mm(i'd rather have a .40 but free works,LOL)among other guns,so i might just "confiscate" it;)
    he has a few more and living where he does(in the middle of nowhere),drive-by's are not that common;)
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    Well, that would certainly depend on who you ask...! ;)

    Seriously, I usually drive on the right side of the road. :D
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    then that would definitely make you the "right" people:D
  14. Misfit, Come on out Vermilion way. We'll go fishin. Got the lake and allot of homes for sale. But the bad thing is no real work to speak of .
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    rick, it really doesn't matter where you live. we had a new home in a new development, pretty nice homes, and right after we left, someone came up the drive next to ours and used a shotgun to blow out the window of the neighbor's beamer. wasn't like that when i was younger. think our next move will be to some sleepy cross-road community with john deere tractors and no traffic lights. it has got to be sane somewhere in this violent country. you speak of mo clarett. he was from my area, and i work with his uncle. talk about a knucklehead. to have it all and to blow it the way he did. his dad went to my high school and if i remember right, he was a really nice kid.
  16. misfit -
    That sounds similar to the neighborhood that I grew up in on the skirts of D.C. It deteriorated from a nice low income family setting into a poverty stricken war zone in less than 10 years. That setting is abnormal. The solution for decent people is simple, but our natural resistance to change makes it hard to see. Getting a gun to solve it is a step toward the same choices that the gang bangers have made. Don't get me wrong on gun control - my gun cabinet is full for the purpose of wilderness sporting.
    We finally moved to a small Ohio town after mom was kidnapped in bank robbery. By that time, I think everyone in the family had been robbed at gun-point or knife-point, mugged, and gang-stomped in the open public setting.
    True rapman, there is a remote chance of an isolated crazy individual anywhere. And Ohio is full of small towns with decent people and less than 'once in a century' occurances of the events like the ones that misfit described.
  17. I have a similar story about the mentality of people these days that I witnessed yesterday, my family and I were in the westpointe walmart doing some shopping for my wifes grandmother, as we were leaving I told my wife I was gonna stop and get a pop out of one of the machines in front, well the wife and kids headed for our car, when I caught up with them my son started to tell me about a guy who was giving the security a hard time, he was parked directly in front of the store and they were asking him to move, after alot of bickering and threats by the security the guy moved, I didnt think much of it(it happens) as we were at the light to turn onto Trabue Rd I noticed a beat up old Chevy pickup right in front of us, it had a ton of crap in the back(with no tailgate) 2 big toolboxes that are usually mounted in the bed somehow strapped to the roof of the cab, a sparetire chained to the door, I told my wife look at that truck, she said that was the guy who was giving the security a rough time, again I didnt think much of it other than to say just look at that truck, we followed him all the way down Trabue all the way to Wilson Rd where we again stopped at the light, we were waiting there at the light when I heard a horn honk, its this nut in front of me honking his horn at a state trooper who is waiting at the light as well on the other side of Trabue, he is flipping the trooper off, pointing at the trooper, making all kinds of crazy hand gestures at him, Im thinking to my self this guy is off his freakin rocker!!! the light turns and he goes down Wilson and we continue down Trabue, couldnt see if the trooper got behind him or not, but the first thing that hit my mind as we continued on down the road was that I need to get further away from these wackos!!! what kind of nut in a truck like that goes out of his way to provoke a state trooper:confused: how do I explain the stuff to my 11yr old twins who witnessed it, isnt there a island somewhere we can ship these crazies to so descent members of society dont have to deal with them:confused:
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    i beg to differ on that reasons for owning a firearm are for self defense purposes against people like that.they tote guns for the purpose of commiting "offenses" against innocent people.i've ownd guns all my life,till recently.both for self/home defense and hunting.i have lived in some rough urban areas,small towns and also far out in the "woods".i do not and never have lived in fear,but i'm not blind to the fact that these things can and do happen(and it's getting worse no matter where one lives),and feel it's my right to own a gun for protection against possible harm to me or my family.where is the comparison to those "gangs" you mentioned?:confused:
  19. I agree 100%. I would have no problem gunning down a threat, other than the fact that I am a poor shot. :eek:

    They are living outside the law as you know. The problem is a chronic severe social one. The solution in my mind is to remove myself from the threat, enable law enforcement, and vote for those with good ideas for addressing the roots of the social problem.
  20. misfit

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    good points that i mostly agree with.but with one exception.i feel part of the solution is not to run from the problem,but to face it and not give in to those who wish to do as they please or try to degrade my neighborhood.
    btw,the neighbors who were target are moving as i type this.again,i'm not sure what the shooting was about,but most likely it was not random.therefore,the neighbor was possibly part of the problem.their moving is in my opinion a much better solution(to this particular problem) than me moving.
    i'm still faced with a decision though................................9mm or .40 cal.;)