Drinking beer, saving gas

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gonefishin', May 14, 2008.

  1. gonefishin'

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    I know there was a thread about changing fishing plans because of high gas prices, but, I was wondering if anyone is changing their general plans for this summer because of gas prices.

    We have decided to spend more time on the patio drinking beer and doing BBQ than driving. The weekend trip to DC has been put on hold and if we do a road trip it will be within Ohio and we'll drive the Corolla that gets 30+ MPG.

    Those home improvement projects just might get done this year

    I think the tourism business will suffer through all of this.

    So how about you all?
  2. SwollenGoat

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    No doubt rising fuel costs are affecting a lot of things. I am sure tourism along with hotels and restaraunts will take a big hit this summer. I hate to say it, but I think we'll see $5.00/gallon gas before fall. If a person has a 20 gallon tank (like me) thats $100 per fill-up or roughly $400/mo. vs. maybe $120-$150 month 2 years ago. With that kind of increase over the last few years most folks earning an average salary will have to make hard choices with their limited income. Travel and take road trips, or buy groceries?

    Gonna be tough for most of us, and unless something is done its only going to get worse.:(

  3. Beer Is Cheaper Than Gas.

    Buddy-up, partner-up, that's what i'm doing & everyone chips in on a equal basis.

  4. creekwalker

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    We just talked about that last night. I was hoping to go to the WVa mountains (Greenbrier or New River) for a long weekend but instead we might opt for going to Cave Run Lake, Zilpo campground (nice place) because its less than 2 hours away while WVa spots are closer to 6.

  5. fisherman5567

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  6. 1 shot of crown=1 gallon of gas.; now that makes me mad.
  7. Toxic

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    I normally work afternoon turn. Yesterday I had to work 9-5. I went home and took the boys out for supper instead of cooking. The roads were like a ghost town. We went to Perkins at supper time. The parking lot was empty and I though it was closed. Once inside there were only 5 other couples inside. Then after eating we went to Home Depot. It to was dead. I firmly believe it is b/c of the gas prices. People are staying home and staying of the roads.
  8. Bassnpro1

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    I'm drinking less beer as it is one of the things I cut out of my budget so I could keep on fishing. I haven't ate out in a while either.

    On another note I read where people yesterday were waiting up to an hour to get gas at 3.61 rather than the 3.89-3.95 everywhere else. Then I did some math and figured out that 30 cents on 15 gallons is $4.50. My hour is worth way more than that, esp considering they probably had their car idling that time anyways and burnt up most of the savings.
  9. krustydawg

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    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! That is one budget cut that ain't happenin' !:D
  10. Usually when you drink beer...you get screwed up...as opposed to buying gas where you just flat out get screwed.......BEER PLEASE...:D
  11. seethe303

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    I make my own beer, so I am getting a kick out of these replies
  12. i just got gas....so it will be a week before i can have a beer!!:mad: :(