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  1. OK, I am a dummy. How do you use a drift sock? I don't own one but interested in maybe getting one. Do you put them in down-current or up-current from the boat. Do they slow down the drift? That's what I'm looking for. Thanks for any info.

  2. Sock has no effect on slowing a boat in a current. Use either while wind drifting or running with a motor.

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    What reel said!

    I use mine to slow my 150 down to applicable trolling speeds, and when it's really blowin out.
  4. You want to use a drift sock when the wind is pushing your boat along too fast and you want to slow your presentation down. By putting out the windsock you and your boat will have a little more resistance to the wind pushing your boat and therefore slow it down. This allows your lures to get to where you want them to be better. A Drift sock is a great idea for Erie, I've known people that will even use 2 at a time on rough days.

    Here is an excellent picture of a driftsock in action:
  5. Took the tackle tour on drift sock. Very interesting.

    I've been out in some very rough Lake Erie water but never used a sock for emergency use.

    Seems to me tying from the aft end could be a problem in heavy winds. The tour did say attach to the bow.

    Has anyone had sock use experience in some really rough stuff.

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    If it's really rough I don't see how a sock will make that big of the difference. It'll slow you down a little but it's hardly going to bring you to a crawl.
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    I used one on my 18.5 Stratos on Erie last spring, in 4's (not crazy rough to most). Was surprised at the difference it made, but on a smaller boat in big waves, the sock has a tendancy to "catch" and cause your bow to spear the waves, as your boat won't want to follow the contour of the waves. I can say this much, without the sock we couldn't have fished that day.

    I've never tried 2 of em at once, other than trolling. I remember on opening day of erie bass season last june, we were in 3-5's and we saw a ton of bassboats using 2 at a time to keep on top of em.
  8. I agree with Roger, if its super rough a sock won't slow you down that much! I hope I'm never in an emergency and have to tie a driftsock to my bow to keep me facing the wind.. :eek: I do see though how it would keep your boat drifting with the wind.

    They do sell different size socks though depending size of boat you have and it does make a difference.
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    We use them or 5 gal buckets(with holes drilled in them) in the river on anchor to compensate for wind. Sometimes the wind will blow you sideways, it will help hold your position as long as there's enough current.
  10. Thanks for the answers. Now it makes sense to me. I thought it worked when current was pushing you, not the wind. Using the water to slow down the wind drift!!! I'm not a complete dummy, just 1/2.

  11. Looks like you already got some good info. I'll add that a drift sock can be used off the bow and the kicker or even the main engine used to backtroll to really hug a breakline or to slow down to a crawl. As Mr Fish said it will keep the bow from swinging in the wind as you backtroll. If I need to drift and slow down I'll use 1 small, 1 big, or both depending on how much wind. Usually if it's fishable and your boat doesn't have lots of freeboard (high sides) one sock is adequate. If you need 2 socks out it's either really rough or you want to go real slow. To drift sideways (again this depends on the boat and how it drifts) one bag tied to a cleat midship or slightly foward will allow you to drift parallel. One more tip. If your drifting the edge of a reef (say on Erie) you can use the bowmount TM in conjunction with a sock and slide in/out to follow the edge.

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