Dream come true Led Zeppelin plays again in the US

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TomC, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Led Zeppelin will be playing at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester Tn next June. Tickets havent gone on sale yet. Just sucks that its 400 miles away. Road Trip anyone? Viva Led Zeppelin
  2. Justin S

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    i'm in i've been to bonnaroo twice now and it has been the best festival i've ever went to.

  3. athensfishin'

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    I'd say the 400 miles is the least of your problem, try to get tickets.
  4. Sort of off topic but Van Halen has announced a concert here in Columbus for next spring and they want $150 for the better seats:mad: sorry Ed-Dave your probably not worth that much, my Sister seen Zep though in the late 70s and said it was a great show.
  5. Is Jason Bonam playing with them? I know they did a concert in London but that was supposed to be a one time thing? Where is the info on this concert? I would love to go.
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    I'll BE there:D Someone may get Trampled Under Foot and I may have to perform some Physical Grafitti around the house but I'll set my sights on Kashmir and be ready to Rock N Roll........
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    I've been wanting to go to Bonnaroo for a couple years now but can't take the Friday off to get down there, tourny's come first of over music. I still go to Nelson's for there festivals and that's only 50 minutes from my house. It is the best festival of the year, alot of my favorites play there every year.
  8. That would be pretty awsome. Anyone know where you can see the show they did in London? I have tried to find it but no luck.
  9. I'm pretty sure the London show hasn't happened yet. I heard it's Monday, 12-10-07, but I might be wrong.
  10. The London show was supposed to beon November 26, 2008. It was postponed because Jimmy Page broke a finger.

    You had to send in a request for tickets, and they were overwhelmed with over 12,000,000 requests for tickets.

    Ian Ashbury, lead singer of The Cult, told an audience at one of their recent shows that The Cult would be the warm-up band for a full Zeppelin reunion tour this spring, but Robert Plant said recently that he has no intentions of touring again with Zeppelin, or as a solo act.
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    any link to confirm that they will be @ Bonnaroo? I can't find anything online

    I've been to two Bonnaroos and they were both amazing. It can be a trying experience though, so be prepared. of course, folks that are familiar with outdoors type situations will probably fare better...
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    I remember seeing them back in the 70s at the old Richfield Coliseum. I think tickets were like $12. Still have the Swan song t shirt I bought. It must of shrunk cus its a little tight nowadays
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    i will betray my age, but stairway to heaven came out the year i got my draft card. mixed emotions about old rockers playing again. saw a who concert on pbs and daltry really struggled. the eagles new album is just okay (walmart sux) but i can still listen to neil young non stop. hope zep can please their fans.
  14. The eagles always did suck, i would have no problem paying 150 to see Led. I thought about the Van Halen concert since its only 45 min away. Just wondering how long its gona take diamond dave to mess this up. Hagar is going to be in indanaplois with Vh's old bass player but im not into the van hagar. What ever happened to that other guy that played after hagar?
  15. You got to give the Eagles credit where it's due. I'm not a huge fan of their music, but they have stood the test of time. They also have the best selling album of alltime, even if it's a greatest hits compilation.

    In my opinion, if anyone is going to mess up the VH reuinion, it'll be Eddy with his many addictions. he's already started smoking again. How long till he goes back to the bottle and drugs?

    The other vocalist was Gary Cherone, former singer of Extreme.
  16. Cherone did he die or something i hve not hea