Dream Bridge Crappie

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  1. Heard they where getting some big slaps there, but you had to be there by 430or 5 to get a spot for the boat, and the bite dont start till around 8 or right before dark.

    Anyone fishing this circus ?
  2. We were up there about a month ago and the fish were running 10-12 inches. Arrival time depends on what night you go up there. The bad thing about trying to fish the weekend is all the idiot boat traffic that does not know the meaning of a No Wake Zone.

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    We were there the other day and only saw about 15 other boats no one was fishing D.B. any word on what they were hitting on?
  4. If you are going up for the night bite, don't just limit yourself to DB. There are several other locations that offer equal and better bites than DB.