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  1. Well, I broke down, last week, and loaded one of my outfits up with braid. I took my Quantum Accurist reel and a Medium heavy 7' rod and spooled up with 30# Power Pro Hi-Vis yellow line. I added a Gamma 16# Flourocarbon leader, and tied on a Storm Swimmin' shad lure.
    Today was the first time I had a chance to test the outfit. On the second, very long, cast, I set the hook on an 8' log.:B :p :eek:. I said Oh S#@%t, I'm going to lose half of my line and a good lure. I put as much pressure as I could, on the rod, thumbing the reel for extra drag, and hoping I didn't break the rod. All of a sudden, the log began to move toward me. It took several minutes to bring it to shore, but, the line and the knot held!!! I was impressed with the performance of the line, and the blood knot line/leader connection.
    I just might be spooling up a few more reels with Power Pro.:)
  2. I once pulled a log up off the bottom of cave run with 80lb Power Pro. It is good stuff.

  3. Yep, I released it to fight again. ;)
  4. Most of the time you will straighten a hook before you snap your line on a log. I have been using braid a good bit this year so far and the only problem I encounter is with rocks. Good stuff though, has landed me alot of fish I might not of caught with mono.

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    any one recomend a braid that has a bit of diameter?
    i have problems using the 20-30lb braids wrapping into hooks and split rings.
    would think if i could get a bit more diameter i could avoid a few frustrations.
  6. just use a higher pound test line to get more diameter they normally have what mono line it is close to posted on the box
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    anyone have issues with braid (20lb power pro) and backlashes on a baitcaster is it any harder or easier to pick out?