draining water in a 9.9?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ignantmike, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. ignantmike

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    hey guy's, i have a '99 johnson 9.9 motor......i was wondering if you have to do something special to get all the water out?......or does it go out by itself?....thank's
  2. fugarwi7

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    Should drain by itself if you drop the motor in the down position...if storing for the winter, drain the oil from the lower unit and replace, just in case you have any seals leaking...that is easy to do also and a lot cheaper ($10 vs. $100's) than major repair if there is water in the lower unit and it freezes!

  3. I use my motors till it freezes over , when I pull the boat out of the water I stop at the top of the ramp ,motors down ,do all my fastening down , first , now back to the motors ,they should be plenty drained out by now [,only takes seconds to drain] now I start the motor again ,just to blow out any excess water ,just about 5 seconds. when home always store in down position. long winter storage change the lower unit oil.