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Draft after 2?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Rooster, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Cleveland is having a GREAT draft.

    Cincinnati is reaching.

    Pittsburgh is doing its workman like job.
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Browns just drafted Charlie Frye of Akron in the 3rd..I wanted him in the 2nd, so I am very happy!

    Now I will admit I have never seen Frye play, but I have heard good things about him, anybody see him play?

  3. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    I've seen frye play and so has exexec, much more than me I might add. He is def. a dynamic playmaker with some scrambling abilities. He can also finesse it down the field, him and edwards will make a nice pair. In the senior bowl, he single handedly raised that reciever from oklahomas draft ranking.
  4. The Bengals get Chris Henry in the 3rd?

    Good pick!

    He is a TOTAL HEAD case, but could be the next Randy Moss.

    I wanted him in the third for the Steelers.
  5. The Steelers took who?

    I wanted a WR!
  6. davycrockett

    davycrockett Fins Feathers Fur

    Yeah, if they were looking at OT why didn't Pitt pick up Ray Willis from Fla. State? As long as Essex protects Ben, well, I guess we'll see. I was glad to see them pick up Miller in the 1st. I think he'll be a good target for Ben. Hopefully McFadden will help pick up the slack in the secondary. It sounds like he was exteremly underrated. As far as WR from who's still available Pitt should go for Tab Perry (UCLA). The talent is going quick (as expected) for this position. If Pitt has any intentions of a WR they better pick one up in the 4th rd. Yes, the Brownies are doing well in the draft. This will help to give the Dawg Pound a new false hope!!! LOL :p

  7. The "false hope" you're referring to,would that be something similar to the HIGH expectations you Steeler fans had going into the playoffs last year? Yeah,like Cowher and the rest of your highly overated team had a chance against a real team.For all the Chokelisberger fans-it don't mean a thing if you ain't got the ring.It would not be at all surprising to me to see the Pats do it again,Brady(unlike some QB's)knows how to win,and he doesn't choke in the big games.
  8. davycrockett

    davycrockett Fins Feathers Fur

    River Walker, speaking of SB rings,how many rings do the Clowns have? How many coaches have they gone through?(And speaking of the Pats, who is that SB- winning coach they have?) Pitt has had two coaches since '69. Again, how many coaches has Cleveland had? Clevelands ex- owner Modell even sold them out. The Rooney family knows quality people when they see them and they know how to win. :) ;) Go PITT!!!

  9. Move to Pa Dave...
    If ya have the gonads LMAO
  10. davycrockett

    davycrockett Fins Feathers Fur

    What, and not get to enjoy the rivalry!! :D Although I would be closer to Pymi. Hmmmm.... :p

  11. I will have to agree with davycrockett even my Bengals have been to the superbowl twice. As for there 3rd round pick I think its a good one but does that mean peter warrik is out options?
  12. hahahaa...
    I thought you might one up me Dave...
    I am from below Pittsburgh and get it pretty bad back home LOL
    I don't think the Browns getting to the super bowl will make or break me
    as a fan but it sure would stop the grief from back home ...
  13. Greif? try having 14 straight non winning seasons.
  14. Are Steeler fans so pathetic that they judge themselves by what the Browns do? What does the Browns not playing in a super bowl have to do with Pittsburgh or anyone else? To me,all the super bowl is,and has ever been,is the championship of pro football.I believe if you know how to research,you'll see the Browns have more NFL championships than Pittsburgh.They only changed the name of the game,not the meaning-duh! You're comparing that over-rated joke of a coach in Pittsburgh to Belechik? That's about as bright as comparing Big Bennie to Brady.
  15. Do you even have a favorite NFL team River Walker? Or, are you just a fan of the last SB winner?